Kevin Hart Gets By With A Little Help From His ‘Fit’ Friends

At the strange intersection of exercise and comedy, you’ll find Kevin Hart’s new YouTube series, What the Fit? Hart has corralled some of his celebrity friends and YouTube stars as they try a series of different exercise routines — from hot yoga to a full-fledged U.S. Marines workout — with sometimes ridiculous results. Even behind the scenes, Hart has hired a lot of his close friends to work on the show, and he told us why he chose to make the project into a sort of family affair. (Click on the media bar below to hear Kevin Hart)

What the Fit? Is now streaming on YouTube, with new episodes uploading every Thursday and Friday.

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‘Todrick’ Hopes To Bring Musical Theater Appreciation To MTV Audience

todrickAiring on Monday nights on MTV, TODRICK is a new reality series that centers on YouTube superstar TODRICK HALL as he and his cadre of performing friends hustle to produce, choreograph and deliver a weekly music video. Despite tiny budgets and even tinier time constraints, HALL never ceases to amaze with his first-rate satiric musical swipes at the pop culture zeitgeist of the day.

Another of several YouTube ‘content creators’ (DON’T call them ‘YouTubers’) looking to explore other delivery platforms, TODRICK counts his subscribers in the millions and hopes the loyal will follow him to MTV (just as they followed last year when HALL and his crew mounted a successful cross-country concert tour).

A self-confessed ‘Broadway kid’ with several years stage experience, HALL recently addressed reporters at a TCA press conference to promote the show and talked about what he hopes TODRICK will ultimately accomplish. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

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Internet Powerhouse Tyler Oakley Teams With Best Pal Korey Kuhl For ‘Psycho Babble’

_rbdave73dj1_hires25Inter-web sensation TYLER OAKLEY has teamed up with longtime bff KOREY KUHL to produce a delightful new stream-of-consciousness podcast called PSYCHO BABBLE. Available through iTunes, PSYCHO BABBLE is a dishy, gossip and pop-culture filled chat that easily trumps any ‘hot topics’ TV segment. For those not familiar, OAKLEY and KUHL are YouTuber pioneers who have been instrumental in turning the am-cam site into major commerce. In fact, OAKLEY was part of a very small hand-full of YouTubers summoned by the POTUS to advise on social media and recently did a collab vid with the First Lady.

It may take awhile for old media to realize what a force social media has become but during a press conference with the Television Critics Association to promote the PBS doc GENERATION LIKE, the always entertaining TYLER OAKLEY tried to explain to a room full of tech-clueless critics how he got started doing what he does for a living. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

Subscribe to PSYCHO BABBLE via iTunes and watch TYLER OAKLEY and KOREY KUHL via YouTube.

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Two Directors, One Script And A Chance To Win $250K Make ‘The Chair’ Interesting TV

red_band_society_group_ly2_hires2Nine years after the demise of the HBO series PROJECT GREENLIGHT, another film-making competition is being introduced by STARZ called THE CHAIR. Produced by ZACHARY QUINTO and CHRIS MOORE, the series will pit two fledgling directors against each other in an effort to win $250,000 by making a film using one script. The contestants here are ANNA MARTEMUCCI (a screenwriter looking to direct) and SHANE DAWSON (a YouTube sensation with over 10 million subscribers and hundreds of videos to his credit). T

We’ve been wondering for a couple of years now just how long it would be until producers realized what a fertile talent pool YouTube has become and it’s no surprise that they’re finally catching on. The always entertaining DAWSON is another of several YouTubers we’re seeing attached to
prime time TV.

At a recent Television Critics Association press conference to promote the new series, DAWSON talked about the thrill of getting to make a film that he doesn’t have to fund himself. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)

THE CHAIR airs Saturdays on STARZ.

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Anna Chapman's mug shot.  She looks better now

Anna Chapman's mug shot. She looks better now

It’s no longer the KGB since the communists got lined up on the Baltic and told to swim for it.  Today it’s the SVR, the Russian Federation‘s external intelligence agency.  And apparently some thrilling things (like spying) are just to hard to stop.

Enter Russian semi-emigre Anna Chapman (born Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko), a woman little more than just pretty but not much more.

Chapman pleaded guilty (there were nine others involved) to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the U.S. Attorney General (something like running a mortuary without a license, then explaining what all those corpses are doing in your crawlspace).

Little Anna was then sent back to the old country earlier this year.

If you want to know the particulars of this silly case, all the hours of transcripts can be had with a keystroke.

Now, back to the only Russian spy who knows what to do with lemons.  Living in America and Britain gave Chapman enough drive to go out and test her fame-miking waters.

Anna Chapman on the Russian version of Maxim courtesy Maxim magazine and Осенние страсти этим не ограничились. Любой, кто раскроет номер и стряхнет крошки полония со страниц, тотчас узреет многое доселе им не виденное. Фотографии из десяти самых запретных мест планеты. Отвратительные в своей развратной привлекательности брачные ритуалы экзотических стран. И, в усладу твоему внутреннему пессимисту, прогноз перспектив нашей планеты на ближайшие лет сто. Все будет так ужасно плохо, что будет жутко интересно читать!

Ahha Yanmah (Anna Chapman) adorning the Russian version of Maxim (courtesy Maxim magazine) and our Russian friends at "Осенние страсти этим не ограничились. Любой, кто раскроет номер и стряхнет крошки полония со страниц, тотчас узреет многое доселе им не виденное." More at and

Well, if you don’t mind mixed metaphors, Anna didn’t immediately hit paydirt.  Landing upright in London she found that she was no longer a U.K. citizen and had to schlep back to Russia.

Although she was called the modern Bond girl, femme fatale, flame-haired beauty, SoHo spy, and her Facebook along with many videos on YouTube were viraled, she was still adrift.

Now, with pluck, luck and chutzpa, the news today is that Chapman crawled her way onto the cover of the Russian version of  Maxim, wearing only a creepy come-to-bed-with-me look with wide-set eyes and bondage (not like in James Bond) peek-thru black lingerie, holding a pistol in a phallic way that is not kind.

But wait, that’s not all;  reports abound, though Anna denies (cynics suggest that MBA grad Chapman is tiptoeing over the minefields of income likely to be seized by Uncle Sam) that she’s sold her life story (all 28 breathtaking years) and has finally elbowed her way into all that fame-hooking that leads to the plutocratic life she saw close up in New York.

So don’t think that all this is just a meaningless event where a bunch of things happened without significance.  The moral is that, unlike western Europeans, Americans admire self-made people, and we forgive, sometimes love rogues who don’t murder (or steal from the poor), but only do a little harmless spying for our now commie-hating Russian friends.

Business and black-copter trained Chapman is on her way because no matter how many times she fell from the perch, her kind always lands on its claws.

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