Author Rebecca Dinerstein Knight Explores New Side Of Storytelling With ‘The Sunlit Night’

Jenny Slate in “The Sunlit Night” (Quiver Distribution)

Writer Rebecca Dinerstein Knight adapted her novel The Sunlit Night into a screenplay, and now that film, headlined by Jenny Slate, will be released in several days.

The narrative centers on a New York City based painter (Slate) who travels to Norway where she hopes an assignment provides her with creative inspiration. During our interview, Knight talked about the transition to screenwriting.

“It’s a totally different training,” said Knight, whose latest novel Hex was released this year. “So it was really amazing to have the opportunity to learn just a whole new way of storytelling. I did need a lot of help from books and also people who have made and performed in movies before and had a reallhy deep sense of pacing and structure.”

Click on the media bar to hear Rebecca Dinerstein Knight elaborate on how she collaborated with the cast and crew of The Sunlit Night:

The Sunlit Night, co-starring Zach Galifianakis, hits VOD on July 17.

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