Kristen Bell Tips Her Hat To A Couple Of Top-Notch TV Series

kristen-bellSoon to be seen as an ambitious television reporter in the upcoming family drama BIG MIRACLE, actress KRISTEN BELL is no stranger to real-life television audiences. Currently starring in SHOWTIME’s HOUSE OF LIES, she’s probably best known for her eponymous role in the popular VERONICA MARS series and won a true cult following with her charming portrayal of a teen private eye. More cult-ish adoration followed with her appearance in the sci-fi series HEREOS and she gained underground attention as the titular voice on the mega-popular teen soap GOSSIP GIRL. After all that, a more mature audience demographic followed with her being cast in a couple episodes of the raucous and raunchy DAVID MILCH series for HBO, DEADWOOD.
We spoke with BELL recently about her career and she took the chance to acknowledge a couple of the shows that have profoundly affected her. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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BIG MIRACLE opens in theaters Friday
HOUSE OF LIES airs on Showtime



From her start in such big-screen films as ANDRE and WATERWORLD to roles on the small screen in VERONICA MARS and BIG LOVE, fans have watched TINA MAJORINO grow up right before their eyes. Now, she’s joing the cast of the new ABC lawyer dramedy THE DEEP END and playing a young woman climbing her way up the corporate ladder. At the recent TCA press event for the show, MAJORINO talked about this whole new light she’s being cast in. Listen in below:
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THE DEEP END airs Thursday nights on ABC.



In her new film, WHEN IN ROME, actress KRISTEN BELL goes the traditional rom-com route as a woman who finds herself stalked by suitors while vacationing in Italy. It’s not the kind of movie to engender much fanboy love but her participation in such projects as HEROES, VERONICA MARS, ASTRO BOY and FANBOYS has almost guaranteed her a spot in the Comic-Con Hall of Fame. We caught up with BELL recently to talk about her work (both past and present) and she went into her love of fanboy culture. (Click on the media bar below for audio):
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WHEN IN ROME opens in theaters 1/29.