‘Logan’ Has 2017’s Biggest Box Office Opening With $85 Million


The great word of mouth and critical acclaim behind Logan, Hugh Jackman’s last stab as Wolverine, propelled the movie to the #1 spot at the box office. The film’s $85.3 million showing makes it 2017’s biggest opening, and its success continues oversees with a $152.5 million international take! Coming in a distant second was the horror-thriller Get Out, followed by a strong third place showing by the faith based picture The Shack. Here’s this weekend’s top 10:

1. LoganHugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart go out with a bang as Wolverine and Professor X!! $85.3 million

2. Get Out – Sleeper hit horror flick takes in $26.1 million

3. The Shack – $16.1 million

4. The LEGO Batman Movie – Another solid weekend with $11.7 million. Domestically, it’s amassed $148 million.

5. Before I Fall – Teen drama does sub-par business with a $4.9 million opening.

6. John Wick: Chapter 2 – To date, this Keanu Reeves action flick has done solid domestic business with an $83 million total. This weekend, it makes $4.7 million

7. Hidden Figures – $3.8 million

8. The Great Wall – $3.5 million

9. Fifty Shades Darker – $3.4 million

10. La La Land – Although it didn’t win Best Picture, it’s still a box office winner with $145.6 million in domestic receipts. It collects $2.9 million this weekend.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

‘Get Out’ Tops Box Office With $30.5 Million Weekend


Director/writer Jordan Peele has a hit on his hands, as the horror feature Get Out was the #1 film in the U.S. with a $30.52 million debut. Coming in a distant second was The Lego Batman Movie with $19 million, followed by a $9 million weekend from John Wick: Chapter Two. Here’s this weekend’s top 10:

1. Get Out – Considering it was made for just $4.5 million, this film will be a huge earner for Universal. $30.52 million

2. The Lego Batman Movie – Another strong showing with $19 million. To date, the flick has made over $220 million worldwide.

3. John Wick: Chapter Two – The sequel has already surpassed the original’s box office showing with a $126 million worldwide take. It makes $9 million domestically this weekend.

4. The Great Wall Matt Damon fighting monsters in China wasn’t a made idea, since it’s already made over $265 internationally. Stateside, it takes in $8.71 million.

5. Fifty Shades Darker – $7.7 million

6. Fist FightIce Cube/Charlie Day comedy is a box office disappointment with just $6.3 million in its second weekend.

7. Hidden Figures – $5.7 million

8. La La Land – $4.6 million

9. Split – Director M. Night’s Shyamalan’s biggest hit in hears makes $4.1 million, and it’s amassed over $221 million worldwide!

10. Lion – $3.87 million

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

Pedro Pascal Breaks Down “Thrilling Storytelling” Of ‘The Great Wall’

The Great WallWith his work on Game of Thrones and Narcos, Pedro Pascal obviously knows his way around ambitious storytelling. That being said, he admitted that he and co-star Matt Damon were “gobsmacked” during production of The Great Wall. The actors play mercenaries who find themselves in over their head during their journey along the Great Wall.

One huge reason for The Great Wall’s epic scope comes from filmmaker Zhang Yimou, the artist behind Hero and The House of Flying Daggers. Pascal has appreciated Yimou’s films from an early age. “I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager,” says Pascal. “And so I’m not lying when I say there wasn’t a moment in my life that I ever imagined that I’d get to be in a movie directed by Zhang Yimou. It still seems surreal to me, especially to be a part of a movie of this size with him at the helm.”

Click on the  media bar to hear Pascal talk about the “thrilling storytelling” that makes up The Great Wall.

The Great Wall, co-starring Willem Dafoe, opens February 17.

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Matt Damon Builds ‘The Great Wall’ With Director Zhang Yimou


Filmmaker Zhang Yimou is considered one of cinema’s greatest visualists, and his ambitious work in Hero and House of Flying Daggers is a testament to that opinion. Now he teams up with Matt Damon for The Great Wall, an epic about a couple of travelers (Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal) who get swept up in the epic battle between monsters and warriors.

In the story, the Great Wall was not created to protect China from invaders. Instead, its barrier serves as a temporary safeguard from monsters who attack the region every 60 years. Though Damon is the film’s headliner, the picture features an international cast including Willem Dafoe, Hanyu Zhang, Eddie Peng, Kenny Lin, Cheney Chen, and revered star Andy Lau.

Damon has been a lifelong fan of Yimou’s work, as he’s been wanting to collaborate with the filmmaker for years. Click on the media bar below to hear Damon talk about Yimou’s talents as a filmmaker.

The Great Wall opens nationwide February 17.

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