Brandon Routh: Working Hard To Shed That Superman Image

crooked_arrowsSoon to be seen in the feature length film CROOKED ARROWS as a prep school lacrosse coach working to get his guys through a national tournament, actor BRANDON ROUTH has been keeping his dance card pretty full. Next up, he co-stars with SOPHIA BUSH, DAVID KRUMHOLTZ, MICHAEL URIE and MOLLY SHANNON in the new CBS-TV sitcom PARTNERS.
Probably best known for his titular role in the 2006 BRYAN SINGER reboot SUPERMAN RETURNS, ROUTH has been working hard to shed that image. We spoke with him a couple of days ago and he confessed hope that these two new projects will do the trick. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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CROOKED ARROWS opens  in limited release 6/1
PARTNERS is on the fall CBS-TV schedule



Superman Return actors Brandon Routh (aka The Man of Steel) and Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen) reunite with Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, a feature which centers on a private investigator (Routh) who deals with various creatures and the undead.  Huntington, who also stars in the SyFy series Being Human, plays Dylan’s undead assistant Marcus.

While promoting Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Routh gave his post-mortem on Superman Returns, which was directed by Bryan Singer. “I loved the movie, I’ll stand by it,” said Routh.  “Did it do everything that everyone wanted?   That every fan boy and girl wanted?  No. Do I think there should have been more fighting in it? Yes.  It would have been great to have some fighting.  Would I have liked to see more of Brandon as Superman flying, versus CGI Superman flying?  Yes, because I just think that pulled me me out of the film a little bit.  They did an amazing job, but there were still some shots that were not as good as the real thing, honestly.”

Click on the media bar and listen to Huntington’s thoughts on Superman Returns.

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Superman fans who want to hear Routh’s full answer to the Superman Returns question should click here.

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Inception filmmaker Christopher Nolan is producing the 2012 release Superman: Man of Steel, and Superman Returns star Brandon Routh would to return to the franchise.  DC WarnerBros reports that Nolan will give Routh a screen test for the flick, but our bet is Routh has a minimal shot at landing the gig.  Superman Returns, which attempted to bring back the spirit of director Richard Donner’s film Superman, was a commercial disappointment for Warner Bros., so expect the studio to give Nolan a completely clean slate with Superman: Man of Steel.  At least Routh, who actually did a decent job as Superman, has had a stable career since the 2006 film (TV’s Chuck, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), so not getting the chance for more cape time shouldn’t completely shatter the guy.



As the title character in the 2006 action/adventure SUPERMAN RETURNS, actor BRANDON ROUTH disappeared faster than a speeding bullet. But, he’s back now and better than ever as a recurring character in the hit NBC dramedy CHUCK. We caught up with ROUTH yesterday on the set of his new series and he talked about playing the famed Man of Steel and (despite the critical drubbing he took) how grateful he is for the opportunity and the fan recognition he still gets. Listen in below:
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CHUCK airs Mondays on NBC.