Jake Gyllenhaal Faces “Stronger” Journey With New Trailer


Jake Gyllenhaal teams up with filmmaker David Gordon Green in the upcoming film Stronger. The true story centers on Jeff Bauman (Gyllenhaal), a 27-year-old who lost both his legs at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Bauman, who attended the marathon to win back his ex-girlfriend Erin (Tatiana Maslany), ended up helping officers identify one of the bombers.

The narrative focuses on Bauman’s physical and emotional rehabilitation, as his determination and iron will exemplifies the term “Boston Strong.”

After the character rich studies in Manglehorn and Prince Avalanche, Gordon Green directed the underrated Sandra Bullock drama Our Brand Is Crisis. From the looks of the trailer, Stronger should continue the filmmaker’s creative momentum, even if audiences may shy away from another movie about the event. Patriots Day, the Mark Wahlberg headlined feature that centered on the hunt for the terrorists involved in the bombing, made just $31 million domestically when it was released earlier this year.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

Stronger, co-starring Miranda Richardson, hits theaters September 22.

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Sandra Bullock Had A Sinking Feeling With ‘Speed 2’

speed2OK, so maybe it’s not an official thing, but we’re going to declare June 1997 “What In The Hell Were You Thinking, Hollywood? Month”! Not only did it bring us the worst Batman movie of all time, it also inflicted upon us one of the worst sequels ever: Speed 2. Though Titanic wouldn’t come out for another six months, Speed 2 left us wishing the Seabourn Legend would wind up at the bottom of the ocean — and that wasn’t even halfway through the movie! Sandra Bullock signed on for the movie expecting its quality would be on par with the original Speed, which was extremely well received. But what she got was a disaster of epic proportions. And she knew it. Still, she was a class act, doing all of the standard promotion for the film as its release date approached. But she was a nervous wreck, hoping that none of her interviewers asked for her opinion of the movie!

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Sandra Bullock’s Parents Grounded Her… In A Good Way!

OUR BRAND IS CRISISSandra Bullock is one of the hardest working women working in films today. The Oscar winning actress continues to shine in all the films she stars in and her work ethic is admired by many. Bullock is also one who doesn’t let her fame get in the way of her profession. A lot of that level headedness originates from her upbringing. Bullock tells us her parents were very hard working opera singers who limited her from reading the gossip magazines and excessive TV viewing. Their stern but loving discipline is one reason for her monumental success. (Click on the media bar below to hear Sandra Bullock)

Bullock currently stars in Our Brand is Crisis.

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Sandra Bullock Steps Out of “Comfort Zone” With ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’


Opening nationwide Friday, Our Brand Is Crisis centers on Jane Bodine, a political strategist who comes out of semi-retirement to spearhead a campaign in Bolivia. Unfortunately Pat Candy (Billy Bob Thornton), a fellow colleague who always seems to have the upper hand, has also thrown his hat into the ring by working for another candidate. Directed by David Gordon Green (Joe) and produced by George Clooney, the film was a synchronistic experience for Bullock.

“I’m not politically vocal,” said Bullock. “I just want what’s best for our country. I would like my rights represented and those of my son – those very selfish views. I think everyone else has them. But when this film came along, it came along at a time when I was having that internal discussion with myself about who in our country would step out of their comfort zone to help others for the greater good? “

Click on the media bar to hear Sandra Bullock talk about getting involved with Our Brand Is Crisis:

Our Brand Is Crisis co-stars Anthony Mackie and Zoe Kazan.

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Sandra Bullock Cherishes “Crisis” Collaboration With George Clooney

OUR BRAND IS CRISIS - Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Sandra Bullock stars in Our Brand Is Crisis as political strategist Jane Bodine. Living in solitude smack dab in the middle of snow capped mountains, Jane is lured out of semi-retirement to spearhead the campaign of a Bolivian presidential candidate. Billy Bob Thornton is Pat Candy, a colleague who has bested Jane in previous campaigns, and now she’s ready to settle score.

Developed by Bullock’s Gravity co-star George Clooney and Grant Heslov, Our Brand Is Crisis was initially created with a male lead in mind, but Bullock expressed her interest in the project and the plan was set in motion.

“I learned that you can’t worry about getting a no,” said Bullock. “As actors, we are used to getting (rejected) in this business, but you have to keep going forward or you’ll never work again. So I’ve learned that it can’t hurt to ask. They could have said “no” but they didn’t.”

In the audio below, Bullock talks about the joy of collaborating with Clooney and Heslov in Our Brand Is Crisis.

Directed by David Gordon Green (Manglehorn, Joe), Our Brand Is Crisis opens nationwide October 30, 2015.

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