Openly Gay ‘Glee’ Actor Admits Being ‘Out’ Hasn’t Been A Big Deal

colferScooping its official January 11th theatrical release by a few weeks, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING debuts on several “on demand” platforms today. Written by and starring GLEE headliner CHRIS COLFER, the film is directed by BRIAN DANNELLY (SAVED!) and also features in its cast ALLISON JANNEY, POLLY BERGEN, REBEL WILSON, CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, DERMOT MULRONEY and SARAH HYLAND. Funny, insightful and tinged with teen darkness, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING appears to be the start of a promising screenwriting career for COLFER.
Probably best known for his role as openly gay high school student Kurt Hummel on GLEE, COLFER made waves when he declared himself to be gay as well. During our interview a few days ago, he admitted that coming out was a much bigger deal to the media than it was to him.

LAND OF STORIES: THE WISHING SPELL and STRUCK BY LIGHTNING are available from booksellers now
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING is available now via VOD prior to its January 11th theatrical release

‘Glee’ Star Chris Colfer Adds Best-Selling Author To His List Of Accomplishments

the-land-of-stories-tour-chris-colfer-31699986-500-700Soon to be seen in STRUCK BY LIGHTNING as a crafty high-school literature student who blackmails the local misfits into contributing to his journal, GLEE star CHRIS COLFER is making major waves in the real world of publishing. The first installment in his fairy tale franchise LAND OF STORIES: THE WISHING SPELL not only hit #1 on one of The New York Times’ bestseller lists but is now in its fourth printing. In addition to that, his novelization of his original screenplay for STRUCK BY LIGHTNING has recently his the stalls. An award-winning actor for his role as Kurt Hummel on the hit Fox-TV series GLEE, COLFER is living his dream to be a published author and, during our interview last weekend, he talked about that dream coming true as well as addressing the rumor that LAND OF STORIES might see the light of the big screen.

LAND OF STORIES: THE WISHING SPELL and STRUCK BY LIGHTNING are available at booksellers now

‘Glee’ Star Chris Colfer Not At All Devastated By Possible Demise Of ‘Klaine’

glee-kurt-and-blaineIn last week’s “Winter finale” of the hit Fox series GLEE, fans were left with the distinct impression that the romance between Kurt and Blaine (“Klaine”, if you will) has gone as cold as bleak midwinter. And, while that might be devastating news for fans with a romantic bent, it doesn’t seem to be breaking the heart of multi-talented CHRIS COLFER, the award winning actor/author who has given the character of Kurt Hummel life since the series’ beginning.
Sitting down with entertainment reporters over the weekend to talk about his upcoming big-screen feature STRUCK BY LIGHTNING (more on that later), COLFER took a minute to offer thoughts on (and a tiny bit of hope for) the “Klaine” situation.

GLEE returns 1/24/13
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING will be available via VOD 12/19 and opens in theaters 1/11/13

‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart Took A Sentimental Keepsake At The Series End

twilight_saga_marathonContinuing to take the box office by storm, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 marks the end of the line for the franchise that spawned five feature films and gave cinematic life to author STEPHENIE MEYER’S series of young adult novels chronicling the lives and loves of an angsty high school girl romantically torn between a hunky vampire and a sensitive werewolf. As Bella Swan, the tortured heroine of the series, actress KRISTEN STEWART proved to be a fan favorite because she actually seemed to understand where the character was coming from. During the press conference to promote the film, STEWART admitted a kinship to Bella and confessed that, when shooting was over, there was only one souvenir she took with her.


Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard Enters Awards Season With ‘Rust And Bone’

rust_and_bone_ver4Nothing says ‘Oscar’ more than playing a character with a deformity or physical handicap and actress MARION COTILLARD covers both bases in the new French drama RUST AND BONE. As a marine park trainer whose legs are savagely bitten off by a killer whale during a performance, COTILLARD gets to display an amazing range of emotions as her character overcomes abject despair to make peace with a new life. Co-written (with THOMAS BIDEGAIN) and directed by JACQUES AUDIARD, the cast also includes MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS and ARMAND VERDURE.
Playing a person who has ostensibly lost everything in life is a tough proposition and COTILLARD, during a recent press conference to promote the film, admitted it was a far cry from anything she’s experienced in her own life. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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RUST AND BONE opens in theaters today