‘Raiders of the Broken Planet’ Dev Diary Spotlights Villainous Gameplay


Video game developer diaries can often be a boring, by the numbers account on the process of making a respective title, but Raiders of the Broken Planet has such an interesting premise that getting a sneak peek at the creative process is a must watch.

Currently in closed beta, Raiders of the Broken Planet, thanks to its moniker, may seem like a direct homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you’re a fan of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, then this cooperative gameplay title might be up your ally.

An asymmetric shooter, Raiders of the Broken Planet is a pulp sci-fi infused narrative about four diverse soldiers who are sent to the “broken planet” to harness and secure a power source known as Aleph. Corporate greed is the reason why this paramilitary group is sent on their mission, and karma eventually sets in as the battle for Aleph reaches explosive and violent proportions.

The game’s “4 Divided By 1” trailer spotlights the aforementioned pulp aesthetic, and the adventure’s sci-fi and Western stylings give Raiders of the Broken Planet a distinct flavor. The antagonistic twist, in which players can play the villain of the piece and take out their fellow competitors, should also bring a wonderful twist to the gameplay.

Check out the developer’s diary below and tell us if you’re excited about the continued development of Raiders of the Broken Planet!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

Katherine Waterston: Old Themes Get New Twists In “Alien: Covenant”

ALIEN: COVENANTRidley Scott started the Alien franchise, directing the first film in 1979, and returned to the series five years ago to direct Prometheus. With Scott back on board for the new film Alien: Covenant, we asked star Katherine Waterston how much Scott’s Alien history will factor into the new movie.

Alien: Covenant opens in theaters this Friday.

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Ridley Scott Displays “Colors of Fear” Behind ‘Alien: Covenant’ Universe


Although there David Fincher, James Cameron and Jean-Pierre Jeunet have all explored the Alien universe (to varying degrees), Ridley Scott, thanks to 2012’s Prometheus and now Alien: Covenant, is pretty much the main voice of the franchise. Although visual spectacle is part of Scott’s aesthetic, he’s also building on the complex themes he developed in Prometheus with Alien: Covenant.

The latest installment, however, expands on the dangerous life forms that showed up at the end of Prometheus, and though Alien: Covenant has its share of cerebral and eye catching compositions (Scott pays a subtle homage to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001), the film’s foundation lies in its ability to scare people out of their seats. Having theatrical trained actors like Billy Crudup and Katherine Waterston helped Scott confidently deliver the appropriate chills.

“When you’re doing a film like this which is constantly people dying and constantly stressful and in a constant show of fear,” said Scott. “There’s many colors of fear. There’s many colors of remorse. There’s many colors of everything and a person who has theater background – they dig deep and they can pull that out. So they helped enormously.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Scott talks about the evolution of the AI characters in the Alien films (Ian Holm played Ash in the Ridley Scott directed original, with Michael Fassbender playing the latest AI Walter with Alien: Covenant):

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

Noomi Rapace On ‘Prometheus’ Sequel: “I Think Everyone Wants To Do It”

Dead Man Down

Noomi Rapace, seen last year in the sci-fi epic Prometheus, stars with Colin Farrell in the revenge drama Dead Man Down, a project which reunites her with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo director Niels Arden Oplev.

During the interviews for Dead Man Down, Rapace admitted that whenever she’s working on a role, it’s really hard to socialize outside of the production.

“I’m really focused when I’m working,” said Rapace, who will also be seen in Brian De Palma’s next feature, Passion.  “And I’m stepping into this world, this universe, and living in it.  So the film’s world becomes my reality. And the character and Noomi – we kind of meld together and become one….I find it really hard to step in and out.  I can’t leave the character on set and go home and go to movies and hang out with people.  I kind of become really asocial when I’m working.”

To hear Noomi Rapace talk about the possible Prometheus sequel, click on the media bar below:

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Dead Man Down opens nationwide Friday.

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‘Prometheus’ Star Michael Fassbender Admits To Being A Big Charlize Theron Fan

r wondercon promethus 180312Currently in theaters and near the top of the weekend box office chart, PROMETHEUS is the much buzzed-about distant relative of RIDLEY SCOTT’S 1979 sci-fi classic ALIEN. Directed by SCOTT from a script by JON SPAIHTS and DAMON LINDELOF, the cast features NOOMI RAPACE, CHARLIZE THERON, MICHAEL FASSBENDER, IDRIS ELBA and GUY PEARCE.
As co-stars, FASSBENDER and THERON got along famously and, during a recent red-carpet interview, the actor admitted he was a fan of THERON’S work and appreciated the physicality she brought to the role. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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PROMETHEUS is in theaters now