‘Pacific Rim’ Time Jump Amps Up ‘Uprising,’ Scott Eastwood Says

2487_d056_00138_grd_cmykMost of the actors in Pacific Rim: Uprising didn’t appear in the original 2013 movie, so that gave the filmmakers a little extra flexibility in crafting the story. Scott Eastwood, one of the film’s new faces, says that, for one, they were able to play with its timeline a little bit. Although the sequel is appearing five years after the original, the story is set 10 years later, and Eastwood said that opened up a lot of new possibilities.

Pacific Rim Uprising opens in theaters on March 23.

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John Boyega Brings “Best Boxing Match Ever” With ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’


Some fans may remember John Boyega way back in 2011 with the well received flick Attack the Block, but the 25-year-old actor became a bonafide star thanks to his work in the latest Star Wars films. Boyega is know stepping his game up another level as a producer and lead actor of Pacific Rim Uprising.

“What Pacific Rim does is it gives an answer to those monsters that we’ve grown up watching,” said Boyega who was seen in last year’s release Detroit. “So we love King Kong. We love Godzilla, but if they are going to attack us what would we have? We have the Jaegers, so seeing that face-off is like getting a ticket to the best boxing match ever!”

Click on the media bar to hear Boyega talk about the international appeal of Pacific Rim Uprising.

Co-starring Scott Eastwood, Pacific Rim Uprising opens nationwide March 23.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi