Rob Lowe with wife Sheryl Berkoff

Rob Lowe with wife Sheryl Berkoff

Actor Rob Lowe, in partnership with an investor group, may buy the Miramax Films brand for $660 million, more or less.  The Walt Disney Company reportedly agreed today to sell their Miramax subsidiary to a gathering led by a non-Hollywood entrepreneur, Ronald Tutor and his Filmyard Holding company. The deal could close by early September.  Other investors include the real estate investment group, Colony Capital LLC.

Reportedly, Rob Lowe comes into the picture as a Colony-Tutor association ‘creative partner.’  Miramax has some 700 films under its banner with several Oscar© winners.  Resources include books and ongoing projects, along with its prestigious marquee.  “Although we are very proud of Miramax‘s many accomplishments,” Disney president and CEO Robert A. Iger said, “our current strategy for Walt Disney Studios is to focus on the development of great motion pictures under the Disney, Pixar and Marvel brands.”

Lowe has been a Hollywood survivor through a long feast to famine career.  His enormous drive and good fortune have made him a household name when he should have been a footnote and punchline long ago.  Pluck and luck; everything needed for being a successful studio tycoon.



Filmmaker Ken Bowser has been working hard to get his pet project, Down and Dirty Pictures off the ground, but there are forces afoot keeping the flick in development. He’s got a script (based on the book of the same name), a stellar cast headed by Vincent D’Onofrio and nearly all the funding, so what’s the holdup?

The story revolves around the rise of the independent film industry during the 1990s and who better to feature prominently than former Miramax head, Harvey Weinstein, whose pics from The Crying Game and Pulp Fiction to Clerks and Kill Bill, have received more than the average share of recognition over the years.

And there in lies the rub. Bowser is convinced Weinstein doesn’t want Down and Dirty Pictures made – and considering the nearly legendary anecdotes about the famed producer, it’s understandable why Weinstein would want the movie killed.

Weinstein is known for outbursts and for browbeating his employees. In fact, the ruthless studio head in Tropic Thunder was supposedly fashioned from his personality…with liberties taken of course.

Miramax was founded in 1979 – sold to Disney in ’93. And after an acrimonious split between the Weinsteins and the studio, the brothers formed The Weinstein Company, a successful venture in its own right. Late Thursday the Hollywood Reporter issued a report that the Weinsteins are set to take back control of their former company with the help of a few financial backers, who funded a rumored $600 mil for the transaction…though the studio has yet to officially confirm the deal.

Note to Ken Bowser…don’t count on a production deal of Down and Dirty Pictures with Miramax Films anytime soon.

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Ken Bowser going through the cast who is set to star in Down and Dirty Pictures.

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 BEDTIME STORIES (Walt Disney Pictures  PG  $29.98) In this effects laden family adventure story ADAM SANDLER plays an uncle who’s life gets turned around when the outrageous stories he tells his neice and nephew actually come to be. Despite that it’s got a real NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM feel to it, BEDTIME STORIES is much better than I expected. See it with your neice and nephew.


 DOUBT (Weinstein Company  PG-13  $29.98) Based on the Pulitzer Prize/Tony Award winning play by JOHN PATRICK SHANLEY, the author directs this big screen version starring MERYL STREEP, PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, AMY ADAMS and VIOLA DAVIS. Basically a story about the quest for truth, DOUBT features incredible performances and compelling dialogue. A master class in acting.


 NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (Miramax Films  R  $29.98) This Academy Award winning thriller is directed by JOEL & ETHAN COEN from the incredible novel by CORMACK McCARTHY. Really great performances by JAVIER BARDEM, TOMMY LEE JONES and JOSH BROLIN bring it all home. One of ’08s absolute best.


MAX FLEISCHER’S SUPERMAN 1941-1942 (Warner Home Video  NR  $26.98) This two-disc set of animated classics has been remastered for this release and looks absolutly brilliant. A huge reminder that MAX FLEISCHER was an animation genius (and the scripting is surprisingly good also!). A valuable addition to any video library.