Lifetime Delivers Delightful Thanksgiving Turkey With ‘Liz And Dick’

liz-and-dick-posterAiring tonight on Lifetime, the highly anticipated Hollywood biopic LIZ AND DICK chronicles the infamous relationship between iconic film legend ELIZABETH TAYLOR and Welsh actor RICHARD BURTON. Highlighting their torrid (and hugely publicized) adulterous affair during the filming of CLEOPATRA, two alcohol-fueled marriages and final heartbreaking divorce, the film stars LINDSAY LOHAN and GRANT BOWLER, with LOHAN completely stealing the show by delivering a performance so jaw-droppingly bad you’ll want to watch it with friends. With LIZ AND DICK, LIFETIME has produced a film that bad reviews can only enhance and we’ve no doubt that word of mouth will insure that ratings will soar for any rebroadcasts.
Over the years, we’ve interviewed LINDSAY LOHAN many times and, while her recent history may belie it, she’s always seemed sincere in her hopes for a successful career. Just a couple of years ago, she admitted that her biggest goal is to be taken seriously as an actress. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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LIZ AND DICK airs tonight on Lifetime

‘Liz & Dick’ Co-Star David Eigenberg Reveals Lindsay Lohan ‘Steps Up’ In New Biopic

liz-and-dick-posterSitting down with reporters at the Television Critics Association press event to promote the upcoming NBC series CHICAGO FIRE, stars DAVID EIGENBERG and EAMONN WALKER promised a blend of action and personal drama that  should bring some heat to this latest offering from writer/producer DICK WOLF.
During the course of the interview, we asked EIGENBERG about playing legendary screenwriter ERNEST LEHMAN in Lifetime’s ELIZABETH TAYLOR/RICHARD BURTON biopic LIZ & DICK and wondered how LINDSAY LOHAN was shaping up as the iconic superstar. According to EIGENBERG, the film looks swell and LOHAN ‘steps up’ to the task.

CHICAGO FIRE debuts on NBC in the Fall
LIZ & DICK debuts on Lifetime in October



John Travolta, who once played a hit man in Pulp Fiction, is set to portray former New York crime boss John Gotti in Gotti: Three Generations. “This is probably the most interesting untold story in this country, and what a character to approach and understand,” said Travolta, who admitted at a news conference that he was a fan of the reality series Growing Up Gotti.

Goodfellas star Joe Pesci has signed on as Gotti’s friend Angelo Ruggiero, and Lindsay Lohan is rumored to star as Gotti’s daughter, Victoria Gotti (Lohan attended the conference).  Nicknamed the “Teflon Don,” the 61-year-old died of cancer in jail in 2002.  An actor to play John Gotti Jr. has yet to be named. Filmmaker Nick Cassavetes (Alpha Dog, The Notebook) will direct the feature.

Click on the media bar and listen to Mr. Travolta talk about his decision to star in Gotti: Three Generations.

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan told Judge Keith Schwartz today that she agreed to delay her case when prosecutors will present their evidence.

March 25 has been selected for Lohan to make a plea.  Reportedly Lohan rejected a plea agreement and her attorney says that Lindsay is innocent of the alleged jewelry theft where this latest sound and fury originates.

In 2007 Lohan was arrested twice (and later charged with) [for] drunken driving and drug possession.  Within the past year Lohan has seen the inside of jail twice and ordered into rehab twice.

The jewelry store caper occurred in January while Lohan was still on probation.


David Letterman courtesy Rubenstein (CC 2.0)

David Letterman courtesy Rubenstein (CC 2.0)

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you Lindsay and your family,” David Letterman said on his show after offering an explanation and a unapologetic apology to all the big and little Lindsays. “I have no one to blame but myself.”

All comes from a top ten show segment where Letterman joked that Lindsay had just stolen a Grammy, in reference to her recent arrest for suspicion of felony theft.

Letterman says he got a call next day saying that Lohan found the joke hilarious and wanted to be on his show.  Letterman then got his PR to send a release of the appearance to just everyone, everywhere.

Not long afterward, Letterman‘s assistants had to tell their boss that Lohan knew nothing of the joke, the call and didn’t want be on his show (via satellite because of her parole and bail).

If one had only read the monologue speech it would not seem insincere, but 40 years of Letterman perfecting his brand of deadpan, cynical, irreverent, self-deprecating humor made it clear that he was most angry at the joker who made a fool of the jokester.