Robert Pattinson Goes For Broke With Crime Thriller ‘Good Time’


Robert Pattinson delivered the performance of his career with the A24 drama The Rover, and now he’s back with A24 with the crime thriller Good Time. Directed by Josh and Ben Safdie (Heaven Knows What), the picture centers on Constantine (Robert Pattinson) a crook who attempts to get his younger brother (Ben Safdie) out of prison after a failed bank robbery. During one maddening and violent evening, Constantine does whatever it takes to get his brother out of jail and into safety.

After carving his teeth on the Twilight films, Pattinson could have gone the A-list actor route and done his share of studio driven films. Instead, with works such as The Rover, Life, and The Lost City of Z, Pattinson has aligned himself with more auteur driven projects.

Pattinson looks to be in fine form in this film, which premieres at the Cannes Film Festival (in competition) on May 25. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

Co-starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Good Time opens in theaters August 11.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

Jake Gyllenhaal And Ryan Reynolds Sci-Fi ‘Life’ Hits Blu-Ray In June


The Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds headlined sci-fi thriller Life (R, 102 minutes) hits Blu-ray and DVD June 20th via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The project centers on several scientists aboard the International Space Station who have discovered life on Mars. As most movies have proven in the past (Brian De Palma’s Mission to Mars comes to mind), discovering aliens is not exactly a plus for humanity, and the scientists must stop this dangerous life form from invading Earth.

The picture is directed by Daniel Espinosa who previously worked with Reynolds in Safe House. Extras on the disc include deleted scenes and three featurettes (“Claustrophobic Terror: Creating a Thriller in Space,” “Life: In Zero G” and “Creating Life: The Art and Reality of Calvin”). Another extras segment titled “Astronaut Diaries” features video diaries of characters in the film as they discuss their thoughts on the mission (Gyllenhaal’s character is also featured in the segment).

Click on the media bar below to hear Jake Gyllenhall’s thoughts on co-star Ryan Reynolds:

Life co-stars Rebecca Ferguson and Hiroyuki Sanada.

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‘The Boss Baby’ Is Box Office Boss With $49 Million Weekend


The Boss Baby narrowly edged out Beauty and the Beast to make $49 million in its debut weekend. Powered by Emma Watson, Beauty and the Beast made $47.5 million had has a total gross of $395 million. Unfortunately, Scarlett Johansson’s latest film Ghost in the Shell performed below expectations, as its $19 million debut doesn’t bode well for its domestic bottom line (the picture cost $110 million to make). Here’s this weekend’s top 10;

1. The Boss Baby – $49 Million

2. Beauty and the Beast – This weekend it makes $74.5 million and internationally the flick has made over $876 million.

3. Ghost in the Shell – A ghastly performance for this movie domestically, as it debuts with $19 million. Internationally, the picture has made $40 million.

4. Power Rangers – In its second weekend, the picture made $14.5 million. The movie has made over $97 million worldwide.

5. Kong: Skull Island – $8.8 million

6. Logan – It’s been a solid hit for Fox, and this weekend it takes in $6.2 million. Costing $97 million, the movie has amassed over $211 million worldwide.

7. Get Out Jordan Peele’s hit horror film makes $5.8 million.

8. Life – Not much “life” with this movie, as it makes just $5.6 million in its second weekend.

9. CHiPs – It’s a box office misfire for Warner Bros., as it makes just $4 million in its second weekend.

10. The Zookeeper’s WifeJessica Chastain drama debuts with $3.3 million.

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ In Box Office Beast Mode With $88 Million Weekend


Not even the Power Rangers could stop the money train known as Beauty and the Beast, as the Emma Watson headlined feature took in $88.3 million over the weekend. Power Rangers also fared well, as it debuted in second place with $40.5 million. Coming in a distant third was Kong: Skull Island, which managed just $14.4 million. Here’s this weekend’s top 10:

1. Beauty and the BeastEmma Watson is still a box office star even sans Harry Potter! Film makes $88.3 millionl

2. Power Rangers – $40.5 million

3. Kong: Skull Island – A sub-par $14.4 million won’t deter the movie from making money for Warner Bros. The picture has amassed over $392 million worldwide.

4. Life – Sci-fi thriller with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds has a disappointing debut with just $12.6 million.

5. Logan – It makes $10.1 million this weekend and has garnered $547 million worldwide. Considering it was made for $97 million, that’s a huge hit for Hugh Jackman and the X-Men franchise..

6. Get Out – $8.6 million

7. CHiPs – Comedy bombs with a horrible $7.6 million weekend.

8. The Shack – Faith based drama makes $3.8 million

9. The LEGO Batman Movie – Animated film makes $1.68 million and it’s collected over $292 million worldwide to date.

10. The Belko Experiment – $1.68 million

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Ryan Reynolds Views ‘Life’ As “Cathartic” Moviegoing Experience

2219634 - LIFE

The sci-fi thriller Life centers on a group of astronauts (Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson) who make a breakthrough during their research at the International Space Station. Upon finding a new type of organism, the astronauts’ discovery could forever alter life on Earth.

“This creature we take aboard is basically an organism that is not inherently evil anyway,” said Reynolds, who previously worked with Life director Daniel Espinosa on Safe House. “It’s just trying to survive so we wake it up basically. We reanimate it. We bring it back to life. We give it whatever necessary elements it needs to kind of of wake up and unfortunately it’s staring at some of the most threatening species on Earth which is humans.”

“And it grows,” added Gyllenhaal. “It gets bigger and bigger throughout the story and as it starts to find things to feed off of it gets considerably larger.”

Click on the media bar to hear Ryan Reynolds explain why Life may actually be a “cathartic” experience for moviegoers.

Life, co-starring Hiroyuki Sanada, opens nationwide March 24.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi