Rob Lowe Talks Game Changing Decision And ‘Footloose’ Memories


Whether it’s film (Bad Influence, Monster Trucks) or television (Code Black, The West Wing), Rob Lowe has managed to carve out a busy career in both mediums. Initially skyrocketing up Hollywood’s A-list as part of the “Brat Pack,” Lowe has seen his shares of highs and lows during his journey, and during the interviews for his latest film How to be a Latin Lover he was asked if he feels more comfortable in his own skin.

“The answer is yes, yes, and yes,” said Lowe. “For me it was being in recovery. Getting sober. I mean that was the game changer for me. It will be 28 years (on) May 10th. I just grew up and learned to the extent anybody can learn how to handle this insane business, because all of our flaws are also our strengths. All the things that make us great are also the things that make us not great. It’s a really complicated mix, being an artist and I don’t like using that term because that sounds so highfalutin. But we really are craftsmen. We build things. That’s what we do. We have a toolbox and it’s different for different movies.”

During our interview with the actor, he had his share of memorable stories to share. Click on the media bar below to hear Rob Lowe recount his literally painful audition for Footloose!

How To Be A Latin Lover, a comedy which has Lowe playing a gigolo, opens nationwide April 28.

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‘CinemAddicts’ Podcast Reviews “The Lobster” And “The Darkness”

The Lobster

It’s episode 19 of the Hollywood Outbreak/Cold Cockle Productions podcast CinemAddicts, and this week we review two films that throw a bit of a supernatural and creepy element to the mix.

First up is The Lobster and it centers on David (Colin Farrell), a lonelyheart who’s recently dumped by his wife. Set in the near future, David lives in a world where people are turned into their animal of choice if they don’t find their soul mate within a specified time period! The picture, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth),  co-stars Rachel Weisz, John C. Reilly, and Lea Seydoux.

After offering up our thoughts on The Lobster, we dive into The Darkness, a supernatural horror thriller about Native American spirits who disrupt the lives of a Los Angeles suburban family (Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, Lucy Fry, David Mazouz).

Anderson Cowan’s streaming pick is Alps, a picture that was directed by The Lobster filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, and I sing the praises of the new Blu-ray release Mustang which was honored with a Oscar nod for Best Foreign Language Film.

To listen to this week’s episode of CinemAddicts, please download our show on iTunes.

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Radha Mitchell And Lucy Fry Descend Into ‘The Darkness’

Whether it’s bringing us into the world of a serial killer (Wolf Creek) or possibly increasing our phobias for  crocodiles (Rogue), director Greg McLean knows how to craft a nail biting thriller. Breakneck pacing and editing are two of his strong suits, but with The Darkness he brings a more supernatural and atmospheric tone to the proceedings.

A suburban family’s (Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, Lucy Fry, David Mazouz) Grand Canyon excursion turns into a gradual nightmare after Michael (Mazouz) discovers several powerful stones in a remote cave. Spirits are residing in these stones, and Michael’s connection with these ghosts may lead to his family’s demise.

Along with the scary moments, The Darkness is also the story of a family’s gradual unraveling. Each member has their own flaws or addictions to deal with, and their deepening rift directly leads to the growing power of these spirits.

During the interviews for The Darkness, Radha Mitchell and Lucy Fry talk about the family drama aspect behind the movie.

The Darkness, co-starring Paul Reiser and Ming-Na Wen, opens May 13.

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‘The Darkness’ Trailer Descends With Kevin Bacon & Radha Mitchell

6 Miranda Dr.

Director Greg McLean, best known for his 2005 feature Wolf Creek, reunites with Radha Mitchell (they worked together on the man-eating crocodile film Rogue) with The Darkness. Co-starring Kevin Bacon, David Mazouz, Jennifer Morrison, and Lucy Fry, the storyline centers on a family who return from the Grand Canyon with a supernatural force that feeds off their own fear.

It’s been a busy year for McLean, as he recently finished shooting The Belko Experiment, a movie that was penned by Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn. Daniel Radcliffe signed on earlier this month for McLean’s next movie Jungle, an Amazon set thriller which is based on Yossi Ghinsberg’s memoir Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival.

The Darkness opens nationwide May 13. Check out the trailer, which features a pretty cool scare with David Mazouz (whatever is coming out of his mouth is pretty disgusting), and tell us what you think!

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‘The Following’ Continues Darkened Path With New Villain Sam Underwood

The Following (CR: David Giesbrecht/FOX)After last season’s literally explosive finale to The Following, there were serious question marks on how the show could top the  unrelenting doom that pervaded through all the episodes. Last night’s preview episode of season two also had the onus of “following” the terrific (and eventually bitter) matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, so any kind of letdown was, in hindsight, understandable.

But The Following didn’t disappoint, as it played with viewers’ emotions once again with the continued misery that engulfs Ryan Hardy’s (Kevin Bacon) life.

The breakout star this year will be Sam Underwood (Dexter), whose creepy work as identical twins Luke and Mark should give Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) a run for his money. Still, no matter which new villain Mr. Hardy faces, his tragic and obsessive bond with Carroll continues.

The Following (FOX, David Giesbrecht)“One of the interesting things about this second season is that seemingly I have lost my obsession for Joe,” said Bacon. “I have stepped into a different place in my life and he is no longer burning inside my heart in the way that he was in season one. But, like everything on The Following, things are not always what they seem. Just like the attack on the subways involved masks, I think you kind of find out in season two that a lot of us have masks that we’re living. Truth is, (Joe Carroll) is incredibly important to me, sadly (he’s) the most important thing in my life.”

To hear Sam Underwood discuss the appeal of psychopaths, click on the media bar below:

The Following airs Monday nights (9 pm et/pt) on Fox.

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