For Kurt Russell, ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Accidentally Became A Family Affair

Summit Entertainment New Orleans Premiere of "Deepwater Horizon"Throughout Kurt Russell’s great film career, he has starred in his share of successful films, and most of his more special collaborations include working with members of his family. Russell collaborated with longtime partner Goldie Hawn in two films (Swing Shift and Overboard). However, he hasn’t worked with any other members of his family until now. Russell stars in the new film Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg and stepdaughter Kate Hudson. The Almost Famous actress has a close bond with Russell, who raised her along with Hawn from an early age.

Some might think that Russell and Hudson had always planned to work together on the film, but as Russell tell us, that’s not exactly what happened.

Deepwater Horizon opens in theaters this Friday.

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Posted by Susan Brown

‘Glease’ Is The Word For Tonight’s Big ‘Glee’ Return

glee-grease-picturesAiring tonight on Fox-TV, the return of GLEE to the Thursday night schedule makes good on the promise of the previous episode to feature the music and moves of the classic high school musical GREASE. Another promise kept is a more involved story line for fan-fave Sue Sylvester (delightfully played by JANE LYNCH), who has been woefully underused so far this season. We sat down with JANE LYNCH recently to talk about her role in the big-screen Disney hit WRECK-IT RALPH and she took a moment to assure us that tonight’s episode would be a significant comeback for Sue Sylvester.

A new episode of GLEE airs tonight on Fox

It’s An Old School/New School Mash-up As ‘Glee’ Returns For Fourth Season

kate-hudson-on-fox-s-glee-kate-hudson-31939193-720-960Airing tonight on Fox-TV, the first episode of GLEE’S fourth season introduces new story-lines, new characters, new locales and new songs as well as hanging on to many (many) familiar faces from seasons past. And, without ‘spoiling’ too much of tonight’s program, we can say fans are in for a knock-out cover of the CARLY RAE JEPSEN hit CALL ME MAYBE and a bitchy new character played with gusto by Academy Award-nominee KATE HUDSON.
Fans who missed her performance in the 2009 big-screen adaptation of the Broadway musical NINE might be surprised by HUDSON’S terrific singing and dancing on GLEE. Even NINE director ROB MARSHALL confessed, during an interview for that film, that he was taken aback by her skills. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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During the NINE press tour, HUDSON talked about her approach to trying new things (like song and dance) and always tries to follow her instincts. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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HUDSON’S instincts pay-off big-time and you can see the results on tonight’s fourth season opener of GLEE on Fox-TV

It’s Time To Light The Lights For ‘The Muppets’

muppets_ver2Singing and dancing into theaters today, THE MUPPETS tells the story of how Kermit the Frog reunites the whole Muppet gang to put on a show to save their old theater from demolition. Directed by JAMES BOBIN from a script by JASON SEGEL (who also stars) and NICHOLAS STOLLER, the cast also includes AMY ADAMS and a long list of familiar faces popping in and out via cameo roles (JACK BLACK, ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, JOHN KEASINSKI, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, PAUL RUDD, DANNY TREJO, JANE LYNCH, MICKEY ROONEY and JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME to name just a few).
Probably best known for his role as Jim on the hit NBC sitcom THE OFFICE, KRASINSKI recently told us why he wanted in on the Muppet fun. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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THE MUPPETS opens in theaters today


Something Borrowed

Based on the Emily Giffin novel, Something Borrowed focuses on Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), a lawyer who has designs on her best friend’s (Kate Hudson) fiance (Colin Egglesfield).  The challenge of the romantic comedy is getting audience members to side with Rachel, who breaches Darcy’s (Hudson) trust to pursue her own romantic endeavors.

“The flaws are her actions, her choices,” said Goodwin about her character.  “She makes piss poor decisions at every turn.  She should be, in any other story, the antagonist.  But it is in making her sympathetic that we make her the protagonist, and that was the great challenge which inspired me to play her.  This is such an unfair comparison to (Vladimir) Nabokov but in that way that you read Lolita and you hate yourself but you can’t put it down and for some sick reason you want Humbert Humbert to get what he wants.  I couldn’t put Rachel down.  Yet every time I was forced to, for instance, put down Emily Giffin’s novel, I found myself resenting Emily for making me root for this person who I judged so harshly.  Every thing (Rachel) does is so far off my moral compass.”

Actor John Krasinski (The Office) admits he’s not a big fan of romantic comedies.  Click on the media bar and listen to why Something Borrowed appealed to him (Krasinksi plays Ethan, a close friend of Rachel). 

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Something Borrowed opens Friday.

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