‘American Idol’ Top 8 Singers Love Their Loyal Fanbase

American Idol

The point of a singing competition may be to win it all, but part of winning is actually cultivating a loyal fanbase that will follow them whenever their show’s journey is over.

That concept is not lost on the remaining top 8 participants on American Idol. For Jena Irene, seeing all the complimentary tweets for her fans makes her day a bit brighter.

“I think that fans, you know, especially throughout everything, I mean I know people experience this every single day, but just to actually have people that don’t even know you follow you and tell you that you’re an inspiration to them and that they love you so much, it’s just, you can’t have a bad day,” said Irene, whose Twitter handle is @JenaAsciutto1. “‘Cause there’s so many compliments, you know, getting thrown at you.  And whenever you’re in a bad mood, just, you just read your Twitter and it’s awesome.”

For Jessica Meuse (@JessMeuse) shares a huge bond with her fans, as she believes this connection will continue long after American Idol. “They’re going to be there until my final day,” said Meuse, who performed a solid rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” last week.

To hear Meuse talk about her fans, click on the Soundcloud audio below:

As for last week’s eliminated contest, Majesty Rose is excited for the AI summer tour. Listen to what she had to say about the tour on an article I posted on my Deepest Dream site.

The top 8 perform tonight on American Idol (Fox, 8 pm et/pt)

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi

‘American Idol’ Preview: The Artists Share Their Survival Tactics

American Idol (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)

It’s another week on American Idol, as the top 9 try to survive another week on the show. The great news is that these singers are all taking part in the anticipated Idol summer tour, and now it’s pretty much about building their respective fan base and attempting to win the coveted Idol crown.

Each performer has their own strategy and theory on how to keep their momentum going, and for Jessica Meuse a huge part of her success lies in her song selection. “I’m going to really, really look at song choice and you know, measure out the pros and cons and just make sure I pick the absolute perfect song for the ‘I’m with the band’ theme.”

With a countrified and roots infused voice and aesthetic, CJ Harris is one of this season’s most talented artists. Having a diverse skill set can have its drawbacks, as Harris now understands that staying in his specified lane should continue to serve him well: “I need to work on just staying to who I am, doing songs that really fit me and make my voice stand out because I think sometimes that I’m overthinking it and maybe trying to learn a new song to please other people instead of just going with what I know and what got me here.”

Along with Harris, Jena Irene is also focusing on the rock side of her musicianship. Click on the media bar below to hear Irene talk about dipping her toes this week with a “modern rock” tune:

American Idol airs tonight (FOX, 8 pm et/pt). To check out my piece on recently eliminated contestant MK Nobilette, go to Deepest Dream.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi