‘Rampage’ Delivers Another Box Office #1 For Dwayne Johnson With $34.5 Million Weekend

The hits keep on coming for Dwayne Johnson, as his latest feature Rampage narrowly beat out A Quiet Place with $34.5 million. The $120 million budgeted film may not have had a monstrous opening weekend, but considering it’s made over $114 million internationally, prospects are looking solid for the feature. Here’s the top 10:

  1. Rampage – $34.5 million
  2. A Quiet PlaceJohn Krasinski and Emily Blunt make a fine on-screen couple as their film makes $32.6 million in its second weekend. Budgeted at just $17 million, the feature is one of this year’s biggest hits.
  3. Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare – Lukewarm reviews didn’t stop this Lucy Hale headlined film from taking in $19 million. Film’s low-budget ($3.5 million) means it’s another hit for Blumhouse Productions.
  4. Ready Player OneSteven Spielberg’s latest takes in $11.2 million.
  5. BlockersJohn Cena comedy takes in $10.3 million
  6. Black Panther – Domestically, it’s grossed over $673 million. This weekend it makes $5.3 million
  7. Isle of DogsWes Anderson’s latest foray into stop motion animation grosses $5 million.
  8. I Can Only Image – Faith based drama continues to do strong business with $3.8 million. Feature has amassed over $75 million with just a $7 million budget!
  9. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony – $3.7 million
  10. Chappaquiddick – Indie drama with Jason Clarke as Ted Kennedy takes in $3 million.

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Jim Gaffigan Takes On ‘Chappaquiddick’ Experience With A “Journeyman” Aesthetic


Jim Gaffigan stars as Paul Markham in director John Curran’s CHAPPAQUIDDICK, an Entertainment Studios release. Credit: Claire Folger / Entertainment Studios

Most people know Jim Gaffigan as a comedian, but in Chappaquiddick he takes on the role of attorney Paul Markham, a confidante of Ted Kennedy (Jason Clarke) whose promising career may have been affected by the tragic incident (Kate Mara co-stars as Mary Jo Kopechne). Although he was busy doing shows on the road, Gaffigan managed to balance his schedule and become part of Chappaquiddick’s stellar ensemble.

“I come from a Midwestern, Irish Catholic family so all the Kennedy stories are very alive and well,” said Gaffigan who describes himself as a ‘journeyman’ in relation to his career. “I have a large head and the Kennedys have large heads. But also growing up understanding the impact and historical significance of Chappaquiddick and holding him back from getting the nomination even when . . . I remember there was a (Saturday Night Live) sketch where one of the characters just said Chappaquiddick whenever Ted Kennedy opened his mouth and Ted Kennedy couldn’t say anything.” Click on the media bar to hear Gaffigan talk about how, despite the labels he’s garnered throughout his career, he’s more than just a comedian:

Co-starring Bruce Dern and Ed Helms, Chappaquiddick opens nationwide April 6.

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For Jason Clarke, ‘Chapaquiddick’ Was A History Lesson

While political scandals now seem like they’re daily headlines, there was a time when they were much more rare. And that meant the impact of something like Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick scandal was magnified. Jason Clarke stars as Kennedy in a drama telling the story of the scandal, and he’s a little surprised that, over time, the story and its impact on the Kennedy family seem to have been forgotten.

Chappaquiddick opens on April 6.

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Jason Clarke Goes Down The Rabbit Hole With ‘Chappaquiddick’


Jason Clarke (Winchester) delivers one of his most challenging roles to date as Ted Kennedy in Chappaquiddick. Kate Mara co-stars as Mary Jo Kopechne, and her tragic downing as well as the effects it had on Kennedy’s life as well as its influence on American politics, is covered in the ambitious feature. John Curran, a versatile filmmaker (We Don’t Live Here Anymore, The Painted Veil) who helmed the underrated 2013 feature Tracks (starring Mia Wasikowska), directs the feature.

Clarke initially read the script (penned by Andrew Logan and Taylor Allen) while on the plane with his wife and was immediately hooked by the narrative. Click on the media bar below to hear Clarke explain how he went down the “rabbit hole” in his research for Chappaquiddick:

Chappaquiddick, co-starring Olivia Thirlby and Ed Helms, opens nationwide April 6.

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Jason Clarke Talks “Mystery” Behind ‘Winchester’ Co-Star Helen Mirren


In the critically acclaimed feature Mudbound, Jason Clarke collaborated with celebrated actress Michelle Williams as well as double Oscar nominee Mary J. Blige (who’s also nominated for the song “Mighty River”). With the haunted house thriller Winchester Clarke gets to work with another acting powerhouse in Helen Mirren.

“She makes an enigma real but still keeps it an enigma,” says Clarke. “There’s still a sense of mystery with Helen because she’s just got that charismatic weight about herself as a person. To work with her, she just keeps you laughing. She’s funny and sharp and witty. Intelligent and strong but really simple and basic. There’s nothing pretentious about Helen or pretend about her. She’s a lot of fun.

Click on the media bar below to hear Clarke explain why the Spierig Brothers were the perfect choice to helm Winchester.

Winchester opens nationwide February 2.

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