‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart Took A Sentimental Keepsake At The Series End

twilight_saga_marathonContinuing to take the box office by storm, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 marks the end of the line for the franchise that spawned five feature films and gave cinematic life to author STEPHENIE MEYER’S series of young adult novels chronicling the lives and loves of an angsty high school girl romantically torn between a hunky vampire and a sensitive werewolf. As Bella Swan, the tortured heroine of the series, actress KRISTEN STEWART proved to be a fan favorite because she actually seemed to understand where the character was coming from. During the press conference to promote the film, STEWART admitted a kinship to Bella and confessed that, when shooting was over, there was only one souvenir she took with her.


New Trailer Features Best New Title Of The Year: ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’

bad_kids_go_to_hellWhile not likely to be nominated for an Oscar or Critics’ Choice Award, our pick this awards season for “Best Movie Title” goes to the upcoming teen horror release BAD KIDS GO TO HELL. In what appears to be a twisted homage to the JOHN HUGHES classic THE BREAKFAST CLUB, this dark cautionary tale centers on a group of very pretty private school students who meet grisly ends while serving out a Saturday detention session. Co-written (with BARRY WERNICK) and directed by MATTHEW SPRADLIN, the extremely photogenic cast includes BEN BROWDER, MIKE GASSAWAY, ALI FAULKNER, AUGIE DUKE, CHANEL RYAN and MARC DONATO as well as JUDD NELSON.
We’re all for holiday counter-programming and ready to stand in line for this one!

BAD KIDS GO TO HELL opens in theaters 12/7

Kristen Stewart Happy To See Bella Swan Get Into The Action In ‘Breaking Dawn Pt. 2’

twilight_ver5_xlgCurrently in theaters and tearing up the box office charts, the final installment of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, BREAKING DAWN PT. 2, finally sees the lead character of Bella Swan come into her own. No longer an angsty teen torn between the passion of a gorgeous vampire and the adoration of a hunky werewolf, Bella is a married mom and ready to kick major butt to protect her family. At the recent Beverly Hills press conference to promote the film, star KRISTEN STEWART confessed that, once she got over a minor mishap, she was ready to get involved in the action and see her character come of age.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN pT. 2 is in theaters now

After Five Films, ‘Twilight’ Star Robert Pattinson Still Baffled By Huge Popularity

twilight-breaking-dawn-part-2-poster-sliceIn theaters (finally!) today, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 is the long-awaited, much-talked-about, highly-anticipated conclusion to the series born of best-selling author STEPHENIE MEYER’S hugely popular series of young adult novels. And, after (literally) years of reporting on the films and its stars KRISTEN STEWART, ROBERT PATTINSON and TAYLOR LAUTNER, we have nothing left to say except here’s a clip from the recent promotional press conference of PATTINSON admitting that even he can’t really explain the overwhelming popularity of THE TWILIGHT SAGA.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 is in theaters today

Kristen Stewart Found Kinship With Bella Swan Through ‘Twilight Saga’ Experience

twilight_saga_breaking_dawn__part_two_ver71Well, if worldwide figures are to be taken into consideration, it appears that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 will be a champ when it opens domestically this weekend. Declared a bona fide blockbuster in the European countries in which it’s already opened, the film had hardcore fans lining up almost a week ago for tomorrow’s opening here in the U.S..
All this week we’ve been sharing video clips from the BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 press conferences and here is KRISTEN STEWART (at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills) talking about how Bella Swan has come-of-age over the five film run of THE TWILIGHT SAGA series.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT. 2 opens in theaters tomorrow