Harry Connick, Jr.’s Got A Fresh Take On Talk

Emmy Winner and one of the great musicians Harry Connick, Jr. is bringing his many talents to daytime television five days a week with his new talk show Harry.

While there are many different talk shows on the air, Harry will stand out as one of the best out of the group due to his great all around talent. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he is just one of the nicest people you could ever meet. While there have been many big stars that have taken on talks shows and didn’t fare well, much of that had to do with how they prepared to take on the show.

That won’t be the case with this show. Connick, Jr. told us not only did he prepare for Harry by studying some of the great talk show hosts of all time, he is also taking on the responsibilities of writing all the music and performing it for the show.

If that wasn’t enough Harry Connick, Jr., he added that this isn’t going to be your typical talk show, and though he has A-list celebrities coming on the show, he will also interact with not just the audience but with people all over the country. The all-inclusive nature of Harry will hopefully attract a diverse array of viewers.

To find out where Harry airs and to learn more about the show please visit https://harrytv.com/

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Harry Connick Jr. Talks Goals Behind New Show ‘Harry’

Harry Connick Jr

During his career, musician/singer Harry Connick Jr. has worked on Broadway (The Pajama Game), headlined his share of movies (Hope Floats, Dolphin Tale), and judged with a refreshingly candid manner on American Idol.

Now he’s bringing a bit of the late night variety show flavor to daytime with the upcoming program Harry. One facet Connick Jr. will bring to the proceedings is his unwavering work ethic, a trait he learned thanks to his lifelong dedication and passion for jazz.

“It’s the same philosophy to everything,” said Connick Jr. “Life if George Clooney was guest on the show, I would have to know everything there is to know under the sun about that man and why was on my show. But you would never know any of that. He would feel that the entire world was revolving around George Clooney for those six, twelve or those eighteen minutes because of the preparation that has been done.”

Click on the media bar to hear Harry Connick Jr. talk about what he’s most excited for with Harry.

Harry premieres September 12 on FOX stations.

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Keith Urban Sees ‘American Idol’ As Great ‘Performance University’

idol8With last night’s elimination of powerhouse singers Olivia Rox and Gianna Isabella, there’s only eight remaining singers left to take the final American Idol crown. It’s been a solid season thus far, and the remaining contestants’ varying musical influences should ensure a healthy share of unique performances.

“This show has always been about diversity in styles,” said Idol judge Keith Urban. “We’ve certainly got that represented even as of now with Top 8. So it will be interesting to see who doesn’t make it from here.”

Winning American Idol is just an aspect on why this experience is beneficial for singers. Click on the media bar below to hear Keith Urban explain why American Idol is the perfect training ground for these aspiring artists.

What did you think of last night’s eliminations? Did an all too mature song choice (“If I Ain’t Got You”) lead to Gianna Isabella’s exit, and were you surprised that early favorite Olivia Rox was also sent home? Feel free to comment below!

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Harry Connick Jr. “Thrilled” To Be Part of ‘American Idol’ Final Season

connick88The 15th and final season of American Idol starts Wednesday, January 6 on FOX, and although they say good things must come to an end, it’s hard to see such a television stalwart leave the airwaves. Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez have carved out a distinct chemistry with one another over the seasons, with Connick Jr. serving as the strictest judge of them all. Though his criticism can often be deemed as unsparing, it’s Connick Jr.’s tough love that effectively balances the overall sweetness behind Lopez and Urban’s handling of the contestants.

Whether it’s his lifelong love for jazz or his early comparisons to Frank Sinatra (anyone remember his work on the When Harry Met Sally or The Godfather III soundtracks?), Connick Jr. has carved out a diverse music career. Acting has also been part of his skill set, as his start began all the way back to the 1990 movie Memphis Belle (his most recent film was the 2014 release Dolphin Tale 2).

In the audio clip below, Connick Jr. compares American Idol’s popularity to I Love Lucy and he adds that he’s “thrilled” to be a part of its final season:

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For ‘American Idol XIV,’ The Judges Aim Remains The Same

011662With Season 13 officially in the books, American Idol is already looking ahead to next season, with the first auditions taking place in Minneapolis just four short weeks from now. With Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. reportedly on board already, and Jennifer Lopez looking likely to return as well, it could be the first time since 2007 that the Idol judging panel remains the same. As far as Urban is concerned, that’s a great thing, because he enjoys not only the chemistry, but also the diversity within the trio. (Click on the media bar to hear Keith Urban)
When the auditions start next month, Harry Connick, Jr. told us the judges’ goal will be exactly the same as it was this year. (Click on the media bar below to hear Harry Connick, Jr.)

American Idol will return to FOX for its 14th season early next year.

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