DVD Pick: ‘The Wedding Plan’ Is A Perfect Marriage of Laughter And Drama


As evidenced by her resonant drama Fill The Void, writer/director Rama Burshtein knows how to craft first rate storytelling with an impending marriage as its backdrop. With The Wedding Plan we follow the misadventures of Michal (a standout performance from Noa Koler), a strong minded and stubborn woman who is determined to get married within 30 days even if a groom doesn’t show up!

Michal’s insistence that a marriage will take place is rooted in her religious faith (she’s an Orthodox Jew) that God will provide her a husband and ease her loneliness. Though her love for God is commendable, her goal of getting hitched even after her fiance (Erez Drigues) admits he’s not in love is a bit unrealistic. As evidenced by her career (she owns a mobile petting zoo), Michal is a refreshingly independent thinker, and she goes on a series of blind dates to find her Mr. Right. Oz Zehavi plays a pop star who unexpectedly enters Michal’s life during her dilemma and Amos Tamam is the owner of the wedding banquet who helps Michal the hopeful celebration.

Along with Koler’s winning work as the unpredictable and candid Michal, The Wedding Plan is also powered by an excellent screenplay from Burshtein Even though it’s a romantic comedy, the film doesn’t go for cheap laughs or devolve into a saccharine mess. Burshtein finds light and a bit of darkness in every day situations, and it’s the dialogue that Koler has with her family and these individually distinct suitors that makes The Wedding Plan a feature that’s worth a look.

Now out on DVD via Lionsgate, The Wedding Plan’s special features include a photo gallery. My only complaint is that a Burshtein audio commentary or a featurette would have been welcome, especially since The Wedding Plan is simply a wonderful film.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi