With this year’s release of  Battle: Los Angeles, the new hit Super 8, and the upcoming TNT series Falling Skies, aliens are taking up a healthy share of our pop culture landscape.

It’s time that gamers get in on the alien action , as Duke Nukem is back to save the ladies from a slew of outer space creatures.

Hollywood Outbreak is doing a giveaway for the new XBOX 360 game Duke Nukem Forever. We will randomly pick TWO winners to receive the game.  To qualify you must meet the following requirements:

1.  You must “Like” our Facebook Page.

2.  Once you’ve “liked” our Facebook page, Post a “Comment” on this Giveaway story and answer the following question:  “What is your favorite Alien film and why?” From the comments, we will randomly pick TWO winners and notify the winners via email.

3.  We are only shipping to Winners who live in the U.S.

4.  Winners must be 17 and up.

The Deadline for this Giveaway is Tuesday, June 14 at 5:00 pm pt.  Good luck!

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