Jake Johnson stars as Nick, a dude still pining for his ex-girlfriend in the freshman sitcom New GirlZooey Deschanel is Jess, a recently single lady who moves in with Nick and his two buddies (Max Schmidt and Lamorne Morris, who replaced Happy Endings actor Damon Wayans Jr).

While living in New York, Johnson roomed with a lady who, in his words, “was really into goth.”

“We didn’t get along very well,” recalls Johnson.  “We weren’t great old friends.  And the weirdest moment that happened was I took a shower one morning, I had to wake up real early to get to something and I took a hot shower and I stood up really fast.  I walked out of the bathroom and I fainted.  Had a towel on.  Towel fell.  My naked body hit the ground.  I woke up a little bit after, and I saw that she had walked through my room to the kitchen to get coffee and come back and not check on me!  She didn’t even say to me ‘Your naked body is slammed on the hardwood floor.’  She just got her coffee and came back.”

In the premiere episode of New Girl, Jess admitted that she watches Dirty Dancing whenever she needs an escape.  For Johnson and Morris, it’s basketball.

Click on the media bar and listen to Johnson talk about his love for the Chicago Bulls and Morris give his thoughts on one of his favorite players, LeBron James:

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New Girl, which received a full season order from Fox last week, airs tonight (Fox, 9 pm et/pt)

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angarano1 Michael Angarano (Snow Angels, Gentleman Broncos) delivers a scene stealing performance in Ceremony as Sam Davis, a fast talking, fledgling writer who tries to break up the impending Long Island marriage of his ex-lover (Uma Thurman).  Directed by Max Winkler, the picture also stars Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace as Thurman’s documentary filmmaker fiance.

“Actors draw from life experiences, and Max wrote it in place of heartbreak.  And me being 21, of course I was in a perpetual state of heartbreak, and still am,” said Angarano of the role, which initially went to The Social Network actor Jessie Eisenberg .  “The character is a guy who is so impressionable, he reads The Great Gatsby and he probably feels he’s the only one who truly relates to the romanticism of the story.  That’s the reason for his mustache, and his suit, and his pompadour hair.  What really motivates him are his insecurities and his flaws.”

Angarano will also star in director Kevin Smith’s $4 million budgeted Red State, as he plays one of several teenagers who get in over their heads with a group of fundamentalists.  Click on the media bar and listen to Angarano talk about Red State.

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Ceremony, now available On Demand, opens in select theaters April 8th.

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In Ceremony, Michael Angarano (Snow Angels, Sky High) plays a fast talking, early twentysomething writer who tries to keep the woman of his dreams (Uma Thurman) from getting hitched (Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace is Thurman’s fiance).  Directed by Max Winkler (actor Henry Winkler’s son), this witty and slightly wistful film should appeal to fans of Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach’s

“I do like contemporary, modern life writing, when it’s good, it’s great,” said Thurman, when asked about the types of projects that currently peak her interest. “When it’s about life today, all of our lives, an examination of our moments, versus a rehashing of the past.  There is often times when you can see parallels and find a period piece to be highly relevant or it’s just a wonderful escape.  Or it’s an education. It’s one of those three.  My preference is the study of now, and  who we are now as a people.”

Click on the media bar and listen to Thurman briefly talk about Quentin Tarantino’s new script and the possibility of another Kill Bill feature.

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Currently available On Demand, Ceremony opens in select theaters April 8th.

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