A Lot More Than Leia: Remembering and Appreciating Carrie Fisher

Carrie FisherBy now, you’ve no doubt heard the tragic news of Carrie Fisher’s passing.  Here at Hollywood Outbreak, we’re feeling the loss a little more intensely than most, because we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with her on numerous occasions.  We always found her to be friendly, smart, engaging, and witty in our conversations, and it saddens us to think we’ll never have that opportunity again.

Instead of reeling off a list of her numerous accomplishments as an actor, author, and respected Hollywood script doctor (among other things), we would rather present Carrie Fisher’s life in her own wise and wonderful words.

Born in 1960 to one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity couples — beloved movie star Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher — it would seem to be a natural thing for Carrie to aspire to a career in show business.  But, as it turns out, watching her mother’s experience with stardom initially turned her off to the idea. (Click on the media bar to hear Carrie Fisher)

As we all know, though, fate had other plans for Carrie.  After playing a small role in Warren Beatty’s 1975 film Shampoo, she was cast as the female lead in the movie that would change Hollywood forever: Star Wars.  At the time, it was a movie that came with modest expectations… and difficult dialogue! (Click on the media bar to hear Carrie Fisher)

Of course, once the Star Wars franchise had made her a household name, Carrie was able to indulge her first love: writing.  It started as a way for her to escape a troubled home life (her parents went through a very public — and very messy — divorce when she was young), but eventually became a lucrative second career for her. (Click on the media bar to hear Carrie Fisher)

One of the reasons for her success — both on the stage and on the page — was that she always exuded sincerity.  It’s what made her characters so believable and her stories so intriguing.  And for somebody who had led such a trouble life, such blunt honesty was a rare thing to see, but she never, ever shied away from it. (Click on the media bar to hear Carrie Fisher)

While her written words and performances will live on forever, the world won’t be the same without her.  We looked forward to every new project she did, because that meant we would see her again and hear more of her amazing stories.  She would make us laugh again.  She might even make us cry.  But in a profession where people make their money by being somebody else, Carrie Fisher was always uniquely, unapologetically Carrie Fisher.  And we loved her for it.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Carrie’s mother, daughter, family members, and everyone else she touched during her 60 years.  But since we want to end this remembrance by putting a smile on your face (the same way she always did for us), enjoy a couple of memorable — and hysterical — salutes she gave to George Lucas and Harrison Ford.

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