‘Rocky’ Mobile Game Slugs Its Way To Google Play


Android gamers now have a puncher’s chance at winning the title shot as an iconic cinematic pugilist as Rocky is now available on Google Play. Rocky, published by mobile games developer Tapinator in conjunction with MGM Interactive (in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary), was previously released on iOS.

Along with the android release, an iOS update introduces fighters Tommy Gunn (from Rocky V) and Mason Dixon (Rocky Balboa) into the game. Clubber Lang, Apollo Creed, and Ivan Drago were already featured in the time.

With Rocky, players can challenge real life opponents worldwide, build an ultimate fighter roster and unlock new boxers as they upgrade their gym and earn various rewards. Boosting a boxer’s stats is achieved by training in the gym with legendary trainer Mickey Goldmill!

We’re just glad Bill Conti’s memorable score is also featured in the game! Check out the trailer below and tell us if you’re going to give this version of Rocky a shot!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

Carl Weathers Has No Problem Being A Remade Man

NUP_177142_0075.JPGBefore there was Samuel L. Jackson, there was Action Jackson. And the star of that ’80s kitsch classic was none other than Carl Weathers.  After making his name playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies, Weathers became one of Hollywood’s go-to guys in the action genre, taking roles in movies like Force 10 From Navarone, Death Hunt, and Predator.

These days, he’s not doing much running, jumping, shooting or fighting, as he’s got himself a pretty good gig as State’s Attorney Mark Jefferies on NBC’s Chicago Justice. But while he’s found a home on TV, a couple of his old movie franchises have been reborn. Creed didn’t bring back his Rocky character (after all, he was killed during Rocky IV), but was about the son who followed in his footsteps as a fighter.  And there’s a new Predator movie being made, due to be released next February.  There are some actors who get territorial about their old movies, especially when they aren’t involved in the reboots.  Is Carl Weathers one of those actors?

You can watch Weathers on Chicago Justice, Sunday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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Posted by: Susan Brown

Philip Winchester Pulls The Curtains Behind ‘Chicago Justice’


Philip Winchester, who headlined the gone too soon NBC series The Player, is back with Chicago Justice. Winchester plays Peter Stone, the Deputy Chief of the Special Prosecutions Bureau. Law & Order fans will also be pleased to know that Peter is the son of New York City District Attorney Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty).

Playing within the Dick Wolf universe, whether it’s set in New York or Chicago, may be a daunting task for many an actor. That being said, having quality writing, a talented ensemble, and the right producers on board should calm one’s nerves.

Dick Wolf calls it the fourth leg of the table,” says Winchester. “In the body analogy of the show, Chicago Fire is the crotch, Chicago PD is the muscle and the fist, Chicago Med is the heart, and Chicago Justice is the brain. So there’s a little bit of pressure, but we are given such amazing words and such compelling cases to talk and discuss about. The pressure is just learn your lines, hit the mark, and tell the truth.”

While honoring the police, doctors, firefighters and lawyers who populate Dick Wolf’s Chicago set universe, these programs also pull the curtains behind these professions to give viewers character driven narratives. Click on the media bar below to hear Winchester explain why Wolf produced shows such as Chicago Justice make for quality television:

Chicago Justice airs Sunday evenings on NBC (9/8c).

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

Justin Hartley’s New Celebrity Status Almost Had Him Punch-Drunk

NUP_176822_0006.JPGIt’s not as if Justin Hartley was a complete unknown — after all, he played Oliver Quinn on Smallville and had been on daytime soaps Passions and The Young and the Restless. But now that he’s starring on NBC’s hit series This Is Us, he’s joined Hollywood’s “familiar faces” club.  He’s being recognized more and more by fans, and one of those fans just happens to be an actor he idolized as a child: Carl Weathers, who starred as Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies.  Because Weathers will be starring in NBC’s Chicago Justice, the two of them wound up at a Golden Globes function together, and Hartley was shocked when Weathers walked right up to him.

This Is Us airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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Posted by: AC


On this day in 1970, UNITED ARTISTS released ROCKY and a franchise legend was born. Directed by JOHN G. AVILDSON, this written by and starring SYLVESTER STALLONE labor-of-love went on to become one of the most successful/popular film series in history. Joining STALLONE in the original cast were TALIA SHIRE, CARL WEATHERS and BURT YOUNG. Love it ot hate it, you can’t deny ROCKY’S place in movie history.rocky_ver1