Jena Irene “Can’t Wait” For “American Idol” Performance With Paramore

American Idol (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)

Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson faced off last night on American Idol at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, and for Irene it was pretty much the experience of a lifetime.

“To just perform in front of an audience of that many people and in an amazing venue is so different than what we’re used to each week,” said Irene. “So I was definitely a little bit nervous but I was excited more than anything. My adrenaline was going just the whole time.”

For judge Harry Connick Jr., the matchup reminded him of one of boxing’s greatest rivalries. “It really is kind of like Ali and Frazier. Caleb really (packs) a powerhouse punch and Jena is really more of like a boxer (laughs). It really seems like that.”

This season’s American Idol champ will be crowned tonight (FOX, 8 pm et/pt), and one of the many anticipated moments will be Irene’s collaboration with Paramore. Click on the media bar below to hear Irene talk about getting the chance to perform with the popular band:

To check out Caleb Johnson’s thoughts on the impending results of American Idol, check out the post on our sister site Deepest Dream.

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Caleb Johnson & C.J. Harris On Their Favorite ‘American Idols’

American Idol (CR: Michael Becker/FOX)

American Idol is now down to six singers, and tonight’s installment will have the artists singing a country and a rock song to earn their keep and survive another week on the show. TVLine journo Michael Slezak released the official set list for tonight’s performances, and Jena Irene is my pick to hit it out of the park, as she is set to perform Carrie Underwood’s “So Small” and the Heart staple “Barracuda.”

During a recent interview, C.J. Harris was asked if he had any favorite American Idols from yesteryear. “Ruben Studdard was on it and Chris Daughtry, all those guys,” said Harris, who will perform Zac Brown Band’s ‘Whatever It Is’ and The Guess Who rocker ‘American Woman.’  “I mean, they’re all amazing, you know.  I think Chris Daughtry (brought) so much out of me, you know.  I used to follow…you know, I follow Chris Daughtry on Twitter and his voice is just amazing.  He has a different sound.  I mean, he wasn’t scared to be who he is and you know, he’s just an awesome guy.”

Caleb Johnson is also tacking Carrie Underwood, as he’s scheduled for a rendition of “Undo It.” On the rock end, he’ll be covering The Black Crowes tune “Sting Me.” Click on the media bar below to hear Johnson talk about his love for American Idol vets Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert:

American Idol airs tonight on FOX (8 pm et/pt).

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi

‘American Idol’ Singers Reflect on their Top 7 Success

American Idol (CR: Michael Becker)

American Idol continues tonight (Fox, 8 pm et/pt), as the top seven attempt to survive another week in the competition. For singer Jena Irene, part of her Idol journey has helped her gain a ton of confidence as a performer.

“My confidence level, I mean it’s grown,” said Irene. “It started off very small, but after over the months of preparing and getting all the advice that I’ve gotten and taking everything into consideration, I think my confidence and then my originality, I hope that people like what I come up with in the next few weeks.  But, yeah, it’s been fun.”

For CJ Harris, American Idol has also helped him hone his craft. Although he’s a natural musician and has an authentic, down home country/blues voice, Harris’ talent did need a bit of nurturing.

“I knew that I could do something with music,” said Harris.  “I was just really waiting on the help, man.  I couldn’t afford to have the voice lessons and the guitar lessons and things like that I really wanted to get help on.  Now that I’m here and I get help on interviews, on how to do an interview, how to breathe, how to do this and that, and it’s just helped me all around as a musician, from my stage performance to a lot of things.  I’m just excited.”

To hear Caleb Johnson talk about showing his creativity on American Idol, click on the media bar below:

We’ll also miss last week’s eliminated singer Malaya Watson. Check out her thoughts on her American Idol experience and also hear what JLo had to say about Watson’s “God-given” talent on this Deepest Dream post.

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