Zac Efron And Crew Give “Maximum Effort” To ‘The Greatest Showman’


Zac Efron became a star thanks to his work in the High School Musical films, but since then singing has taken a backseat to carving out a diverse acting career. Whether it’s character driven work such as The Paperboy and At Any Price or straight up comedies such as Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa, Efron doesn’t mind mixing it up on the silver screen.

He returns with a spring to his step and a song in his heart in The Greatest Showman, starring as the ringmaster protegé to Hugh Jackman’s P.T. Barnum. The musical, as evidenced by its live commercial, has been an ambitious undertaking for everyone involved. In the audio clip below, Efron explains how the cast and crew gave “maximum effort” in the making of The Greatest Showman.

The Greatest Showman, co-starring Zendaya and Michelle Williams, opens nationwide December 20.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi

Dennis Quaid Felt Initial Panic In Crafting ‘At Any Price’ Role

At Any Price (Sony Pictures Classics)

If you’re a fan of Dennis Quaid’s body of work, try to check out his portrayal of Henry Whipple, a business minded farmer who will do anything to keep survive in the new film At Any PriceZac Efron also gives layered work as Henry’s race car obsessed son Dean, a youth who dreads taking over his father’s life work.

During the preparation for At Any Price, Quaid and director Ramin Bahrani talked for months about the story before the actual first day of shooting took place.  Still, Mr. Quaid admitted he felt a tinge of “panic” on the first day the cameras started rolling.  It’s great that the actor, after years of crafting a slew of excellent performances, can still get nervous with a new role.

Click on the media bar to hear Quaid talk about playing Henry Whipple in At Any Price, a project he shot immediately right after finishing up production on The Words (director Ramin Bahrani is also heard in the clip):

At Any Price, co-starring Kim Dickens as Henry’s long suffering wife, is now playing in select theaters.

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‘At Any Price’ Filmmaker Gets Valuable Advice From Werner Herzog

Dennis Quaid

The collaboration between a director and actor is one of the most important elements in making a first rate feature, and the new movie At Any Price is thankfully part of that group.

The story of an ambitious farmer (Dennis Quaid) who will commit nothing short of murder to keep his business afloat, At Any Price was directed by Ramin Bahrani, a filmmaker whose known to cinephiles for such films as Man Push Cart and Chop Shop.

At Any Price, which features stellar work from Quaid and Zac Efron, should open more doors for Bahrani, who’s proven that he can infuse a character driven narrative with visual scope (Bahrani channeled such filmmakers as John Ford and Arthur Penn in making At Any Price).

During the interviews, Bahrani and Quaid were pretty frank about their collaborative process, and Bahrani even admits he had difficulties with Quaid on the first couple of days of production.  In fairness, Quaid was a bit tired at the time, as he had just finished shooting The Words with Olivia Wilde. It was an important piece of advice form director Werner Herzog (seen this year as the villain in Jack Reacher) which helped Bahrani realize that a bit more faith should be put in Quaid’s hands.

Click on the media bar to hear Bahrani and Quaid reminisce about the rehearsal process for At Any Price.

At Any Price opens Friday in select theaters.

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Director Ramin Bahrani Has Widescreen Ambitions With ‘At Any Price’

At Any Price (Sony Pictures Classics) Dennis Quaid is Henry Whipple, an ambitious and manipulative farmer whose past actions slowly come back to haunt him in the new drama At Any PriceZac Efron also gives a solid performance as Henry’s son, a thrill seeking youth who only has eyes for a racing career.  The bonds of family are very tight, however, and when an unforeseen event occurs, the Whipples have to figure out a way keep their family, as well as their business alive.

Filmmaker Ramin Bahrani (Chop Shop, Man Push Cart), who lived with farmers in Iowa for six months for research, has a strong feel for America’s heartland, giving the film a widescreen, expansive depth that makes adds an unexpected visual layer to At Any Price.

During our interview with Mr. Bahrani, he explains how filmmakers like John Ford, Arthur Penn, and Robert Altman influenced the beautiful visual compositions in At Any Price. Click on the media bar below to hear Bahrani:

At Any Price opens in limited release April 26th.

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Dennis Quaid Sees ‘At Any Price’ Co-Star Zac Efron As A “Great Actor”

At Any Price (Soy Pictures Classics)

Dennis Quaid gives one of his strongest performances (which is actually saying a lot, considering his body of work) with the drama At Any Price.

The story centers on Henry Whipple, an ambitious farmer whose land was handed down to him by his father (Red West).  Eventually Henry wants to hand over the keys to his farming kingdom to his son Dean (Zac Efron), but Dean has eyes on a racing career.

During our interview with Dennis Quaid, he talked about how the film is a generational drama, and he also praised co-star Zac Efron, whom he describes as a great actor.

Click on the media bar to hear Dennis Quaid talk about the film and elaborate on what makes Zac Efron a unique talent.

At Any Price, co-starring Heather Graham and Kim Dickens, opens April 26th.

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