In the future, everyone will have their own reality show and their own musical

In the future, everyone will have their own reality show and their own musical

Well, if they can make musicals out of Quasimoto, the Titanic disaster, or The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve finally gotten around to American Psycho.

The postmodern, transgressive 1991 Bret Ellis novel (and 2000 film), American Psycho has all the elements essential for a staged musical; actors butchered like cutlets; stage awash with gallons of blood; rape, torture, mutilation before death, cannibalism, necrophilia afterward.  And the obligatory which-is-worse theme; serial killer or Wall Street rogue?

To be (more) fair (than it deserves), the novel’s end leaves unfinished whether the antihero actually lived with corpses roof-high in his apartment or that he merely hallucinated his murder spree altogether. 

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, writer of the grisly words (but not the music?) told the New York Post,”There are murders…”I think there’s going to be a lot of blood.”

For two years the thing’s been skulking, churning but  will finally be ready for eager theatergoers in another year.

Possibilities are endless.  They haven’t put music yet to Macbeth, Lear or Oedipus Rex, and can Charlie Manson, Uncle Joe Stalin or Adolph-and-Eva be far behind?


Hitler (right side, in case some have forgotten) and Mussolini

Hitler (right side, in case some have forgotten) and Mussolini

They Saved Hitler’s Brain was the title of an unintentionally hilarious (in spots) movie.  The only surprising footnote is that (to our knowledge) the Hitler-brainsave concept never became an actual urban legend.   Which brings us to the Daily Mail breathlessly slugging that DNA Tests Reveal ‘Hitler Was Descended From The Jews He Hated.’

Somewhere in the ’50s a gossip magazine (Confidential?) ran a cover story regarding Hitler‘s Jewish heritage.  The ‘proof’ was a doctored grave that was a tease for a front-loaded carny switch.  But the magazines had to be restocked after selling out.

The Mail story goes that a historian and a journalist traced 39 of Hitler‘s relatives using DNA.  One alleged relative from Austria was reported to have a gene that is “commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, in Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.”    While the story has the imprimatur of scientific respectability, it’s apparently been released without peer review.  So the breaking news is that (pending further review) one of 39 of Hitler’s supposed relatives (through saliva) had an unknown percent of ethnicity from somewhere along the Northern Africa-middle east arc.

Which could easily ‘prove’ that Hitler had more in common with Carthaginian Hannibal than with Jewish Einstein.  Go back a few thousand years and we all came from Mama Africa.

It has to be a very slow day in the news before a city editor unearths a fill-story like this.  If they really wanted to sell papers (or blog eyes) they would have run a “DNA Proves Hitler was Full-Blood Martian” slug.


This week finally sees the release of director BRYAN SINGER’S World War II action/adventure, VALKYRIE. Set in Nazi Germany, it’s the true story of a group of German officers who conspire to kill Adolph Hitler. It’s a gripping film featuring an all-star cast that includes TOM CRUISE, EDDIE IZZARD, TERANCE STAMP, KENNETH BRANAGH, TOM WILKINSON and BILL NIGHY. 

We spoke with SINGER recently and he talked about the daunting task of casting the iconic image of the leader of The Third Reich. Listen in below:

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In the new film VALKYRIE, Brit actor BILL NIGHY plays one of a group of World War II German soldiers who conspire to kill ADOLPH HITLER. It’s a serviceable action/adventure that should please any 13 year-old-boy at a Saturday matinee. Critics, however, seem to be put off by the festival of accents (very few of them German) that are present in a film set in Germany.

We spoke with NIGHY recently and he told us he doesn’t see the problem. Listen in below:

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