JAMIE BELL, SOPHIA MYLES and CLAIRE FORLANI in a race to see who can be more naked on screen. Things could be worse….

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BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION (MGM Home Video  R  $14.98)  Based on the best-selling novel by JAY McINERNEY, this film stars MICHAEL J. FOX as the cleanest, most sympathetic coke addict in history. A glossy testament to the 80’s that also features performances by KEIFER SUTHERLAND, PHOEBE CATES and DIANNE WIEST. Worth checking out just for the hair styles.


DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON (Buena Vista Home Video  NR  $59.99) Entertainment Weekly called the fourth season on Wisteria Lane hotter and hipper than any other season and who are we to argue. 17 episodes on five discs and a slew of bonus features. Sounds like a week-end on the couch to us.


ELI STONE – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (ABC Home Video  PG  $39.99) This ABC series was a revelatory treat if only for the fantasy sequences. JONNY LEE MILLER shares the screen with VICTOR GARBER, NATASHA HENSTRIDGE and LORETTA DIVINE in this quirky, off-beat series.


IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA – THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON (20th Century Fox  NR  $39.98) Hands down, one of the funniest shows on television. DANNY DeVITO (who’s never been better) heads up a great cast playing odd misfits who share ownership in a Philly bar. I’ve heard the show described as ‘SEINFELD on crack’…sounds ’bout right. If you don’t know this show, you must check it out.





File this under “WE’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN WE SEE IT”: This bulletin just in from VARIETY reports that Columbia is hot on the trail of a GHOSTBUSTERS sequel with the intent of reuniting original stars BILL MURRAY, DAN ACKROYD, HAROLD RAMOS and ERNIE HUDSON.

Well, now that we think about it…..it’s not like they’re terribly busy doing something else…..jus’ sayin’



FOODIES REJOICE! Tonight sees the season premier of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES on Fox.

This season, CHEF GORDON RAMSAY revisits kitchens that he’s cleaned up in previous seasons. We spoke with him by phone recently and he clued us in to what to expect….and it doesn’t sound pretty! Listen in below:

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CYBILL SHEPHERD has certainly had her share of career ups and downs. From model to movie star, sitcom queen to talk show host, it seems that she’s never stopped moving.

And now, fans of her hit TV comedy will get a chance to revisit the show when CYBILL: THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION VOLUME 1 hits DVD stores on September 16th.

We got a chance to speak with SHEPHERD yesterday about the upcoming release and she told us that the abrupt end of the show left her feeling that it might never be seen again. Listen in below:

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The hit HBO series ENTOURAGE returns for its fifth season this week-end and the premiere  will see Vince and his buddies heading for financial ruin and a whole career remake.

Producer MARK WAHLBERG hasn’t had to face those problems in his world yet but he does tell us that he always knew the show would be a hit and that sometimes life on ENTOURAGE does take a page from real life. Clippage below:

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Fans of the 1939 classic film, THE WOMEN, are probably not going to be happy with the release of the DIANE ENGLISH remake hitting the screens next week.

It’s a lame attempt to update what has become a much beloved classic social comedy.

At a press conference yesterday for the new film, ENGLISH was asked why she would even attempt to remake a film that many consider already perfect. Listen in below:

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Fans of hard edged crime drama (like THE SHEILD) should be thrilled with tonight’s premier on FX of SONS OF ANARCHY.

Starring RON PERLMAN, CHARLIE HUNNAM and KATEY SAGAL, this series follows the exploits of a biker gang that rules a small California town and lives by their own set of rules.

We spoke with PERLMAN recently and he explained who these people are and how they roll. Listen in below:

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EMILY DESCHANEL and DAVID BOREANAZ head for London in tonight’s very special two-hour premier of the hit Fox series BONES.

In this Season Three opener, BONES and BOOTH find themselves asking Brit authorities for help in solving a murder.

DESCHANEL and BOREANAZ play characters originated by forensic novelist KATHY REICHS but say that the TV version is a bit different from the books. We caught up with them at a recent TCA press tour and they joked about reading REICHS’ novels. Clippage below:

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Back in 1996, we interviewed actor VAL KILMER in connection with his film THE GHOST AND THE MACHINE. This was his follow-up to the disasterous ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, a sci-fi, fantasy box-office flop that he co-starred in with MARLON BRANDO.

No one expected KILMER to start riffing on his experience with BRANDO and alluding to what a mess the DR. MOREAU set must have been. Listen in below:

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