Jack Henry Robbins Spotlights EDM World With ‘Ultimate Ultimate’ Mockumentary


At this year’s Sundance Film Festival writer-director Jack Henry Robbins premiered his short Hot Winter: A Film by Dick Pierre. The project, which paid homage to the VHS tape era was an aesthetic challenge for Robbins, but it was probably a cakewalk compared to his first rate series Ultimate Ultimate.

The project, which Robbins describes as a “mockumentary that approaches EDM with love and humor,” centers on three acts who are prepping for an amateur DJ competition. Mr. P (John Palmer) is a high school teacher who inaccurately believes he’s as hip as his students, DJ Sparkle (Michaela Rose Haas) is an emotionally complex audio geek who’s prone to temper tantrums, and the BroCo are two frat guys (James Morosini, Nathaniel Salisbury) whose bond for one another is more than brotherly.


Robbins, who cites Christopher Guest’s body of work (Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman) and The Graduate as cinematic influences, approaches his comedy in subtle fashion (wherein behavior thankfully trumps slapstick humor), and Ultimate Ultimate has a refreshing level of honesty amidst the laughter.

That level of honesty is also inherent in Robbins, as he’s candid about the project’s long and winding path. Originally sold to Comedy Central as a series, Ultimate Ultimate also landed on Spotify’s doorstep before finally finding a suitable home.  “Funny or Die has been a really great partner and they’ve been really supportive,” says Robbins. “But the main thing was just to put it out on a public platform that people can go see. Having spent three years selling it and putting it in different places – it just got ridiculous. The more money that’s involved in something, the more people want to change it. Straight up. I love the project. I think it’s so original and well done – there are some really perfect moments there that I think that truly came about by (working with) the right people at the right time and (having) the right energy about it.”

Along with Ultimate Ultimate and Hot Winter, Robbins also directed Ghostmates for the YouTube Red platform and Opening Night starring Cheyenne Jackson. Though he’s the son of actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon, Robbins has carved out his own path in the entertainment industry thanks to a ton of hard work and talent. Writing is Robbins’ first love, and Ultimate Ultimate displays his knack for observational humor.

“I think every day is about waking up and being grateful but also being sharp,” said Robbins, who is set to direct another movie this summer. “At the end of the day the only person in my way is myself. There is no excuse not to keep making stuff.”

Ultimate Ultimate is now playing on Funny or Die.

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Darren Criss Offers Inspiration to Johnny’s Remaining Performers

Darren Criss Offers Inspiration to Johnny’s Remaining Performers

The On The Spot: Johnny Wright’s Quest for the Next Supergroup contestants have proven they can deliver to their adoring fans from the safety of home, but what happens when they’re forced out of their comfort zones?

This week, Johnny challenges the contestants to get unplugged and outside, singing their hearts out for the toughest audience of all: strangers on the street.

For inspiration, Darren Criss from Fox’s hit show Glee also accepted Johnny’s challenge and set up an impromptu acoustic performance on Santa Monica’s famous 3rd Street Promenade!

Tune in April 22 at 3:00 PM EST/12:00 PM PST to the all new episode of On The Spot: Johnny Wright’s Quest for the Next Supergroup Presented by AT&T at OnTheSpot.Cambio.com.

A preview of the Darren Criss performance is at http://www.cambio.com/shows/cambio-connect/acoustic-corner-with-darren-criss-at-third-street-promenade


Kevin Smith attribution: gdcgraphics (CC-BY-SA 2.0 generic)

Kevin Smith attribution: gdcgraphics (CC-BY-SA 2.0 generic)

Kevin Smith Sells Out: The Official Askewniverse Garage Sale brings together the best of Kevin Smith and his amazing catalog of work: screen-used props and costumes from many of his movies and fantastic artwork from his comic projects.

As Kevin “sells the past to pay for the future,” he and Jason Mewes will be on-hand in Pasadena April 10th delivering color commentary and behind-the- scenes stories about the props and costumes throughout the auction.

Fans can view the items on the auction block and bid online from anywhere by registering with the official Propworx auction partner LiveAuctioneers.com.

The auction will also be broadcast live on the Propworx Ustream.com channel at ustream.tv/channel/propworks. In addition, kevinsmith.propworks.com features write-ups on the props, costumes, set pieces, and comic art that are part of this once-in-a-lifetime auction.

Also available is the perfect companion piece to the auction and must-have commemorative Kevin Smith item, the hardcover collectible catalog filled with detailed interviews, background information, item descriptions and photos as only Propworx can do.

Both autographed and regular versions are available for purchase on the Propworx site.

On April 9th, guests attending Smith’s Red State event at The Wiltern (in L.A.) will have the opportunity to preview select auction items and purchase the commemorative catalog.


"Addison (Addy) Rathbone" has special gifts - courtesy ©Mike Cartel

"Addison (Addy) Rathbone" has special gifts - courtesy ©Mike Cartel

AFTER WATCHING HUNDREDS OF REALITY SHOWS we realized that we had a goldmine with our own very unique dog.

Addison Rathbone is the only known ghost-hunting canine in existence.

With the assistance of his human friend, Mike Cartel and their ghost-detecting equipment, Addy and Mike find and eliminate spiritual intruders and paranormal terrorists – for a price.

Addison’s talents were first observed when he woke his companion Mike from a sound sleep with his now famous ghost-detecting growl and ‘spook bark.’

Mike is a former mercenary and carny.

Click onto the video below for episode one of Ghost Dog.


Johnny Wright visits Joe Jonas in studio while working on his debut solo album with Rob Knox and James Fauntleroy and shows off some of the talent from ”On The Spot.”

Johnny Wright visits Joe Jonas in studio while working on his debut solo album with Rob Knox and James Fauntleroy and shows off some of the talent from ”On The Spot.”

What do you get when you mix an online singing competition with a famed music manager? Johnny Wright’s Quest for the Next Supergroup, On the Spot, is an Internet contest that is on the hunt to discover the next supergroup.

Wright and his team of experts, including some of today’s most successful artists, will narrow down the auditions to just 20 participants. Then, from his high-tech headquarters, Wright will put the top 20 finalists to the test, utilizing the power of the Internet to orchestrate a series of challenges of each contestant’s artistic prowess, business savvy, and passion.

The eight most impressive performers will be flown to LA to participate in the manager’s famous Boot Camp, an intense workshop of rehearsals, dance choreography, vocal lessons, and media training. Even eliminated participants who are active viewers may have the chance to impress Wright and reenter the competition!

On the Spot will capture every emotional turn throughout the audition process, challenges, and Boot Camp through weekly episodes, video journals, bonus content, and live chats with finalists. Viewers will virtually sit beside the man who brought The Backstreet Boys and many other music stars to prominence, and help him identify, craft, and mold the next great supergroup.

The video below contains a number of the online auditions and most are pretty good.

Let us know what you think of the concept as well as the show.

The reality series debuts Friday, February 4th, 2:00 p.m. ET at http://onthespot.cambio.com/. In that initial episode, Wright enlists the advice of Joe Jonas when reviewing first auditions.


Melissa Gilbert photo by Alan Light (CC 2.0)

Melissa Gilbert photo by Alan Light (CC 2.0)

Melissa Gilbert knows something about being a child actress and thinks she may understand Hanna Montana better than she may know herself.

Last week Miley Cyrus‘ bong-smoking was chronicled and went viral.  That panicked the Miley industry and sent them into damage control mode.

Well, Gilbert, now spokeswoman for The Partnership at DrugFree.org told David Moye of AOL News that “These days, everyone with a cellphone is a paparazzo.  How high do you have to be to let a friend film you? I think she wanted to get caught.”

But wasn’t the stuff Cyrus smoked (Sally-D) legal in California?

“That’s bulls***!” the former star of Little House on the Prairie said. “I think it was marijuana.”

While Gilbert doesn’t think that Cyrus is on the same road as some other kid stars who had/have severe issues transitioning into adult actors, but fans look up to their favorites and may want to imitate them.

For more, click onto http://aolnews.com/2010/12/14/melissa-gilbert-miley-wanted-to-get-caught/