Michael J. Fox Doesn’t Let Parkinson’s Disease Get Him Down

NUP_156339_0541.JPGThe great Michael J. Fox returns to television this fall on NBC, starring in The Michael J. Fox Show. Fox plays a former news anchorman who was forced to retire after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and five years later decides to go back to work, having to balance his work with his family.

Fox, who publicly announced in 1999 that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, has been the face of awareness for the disease, having started The Michael J. Fox Foundation. While promoting the series at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, CA, Fox spoke about dealing with the disease since he was first diagnosed in 1991. He has such a fantastic and poignant outlook on how he lives life with his illness. (Click on the media bar below to hear Michael J. Fox)

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Valerie Harper’s Plan: ‘Live Each Moment Fully’

Valerie Harper

The entertainment world is still in shock over the announcement of beloved actress Valerie Harper, who disclosed that she has incurable brain cancer and may only have three to six months to live.

Harper, known for playing Rhoda Morgenstern on the iconic 1970’s series The Mary Tyler Moore Show and her spin-off series Rhoda, has been talking about her illness publicly since making the announcement. Earlier this morning, Harper made an appearance on the NBC morning news show, Today, and has a great outlook on her illness, saying “I’m not dying until I do.” She then went on to say, “I have an intention to live each moment fully.”

We have spoken to Harper several times over the years and she has always had a positive attitude in life, stating that we should all live life to the fullest and not be afraid of what the future holds.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Harper and her family.

‘A Bag Of Hammers’ Star Jason Ritter Likes To Keep Family Connections Close To The Vest

bag_of_hammersCurrently in very limited release but available via VOD, A BAG OF HAMMERS is a quirky comedy/drama hybrid that centers on a couple of irresponsible petty thieves who refuse to grow up until an abandoned child forces their hand. Co-written (with star JAKE SANDVIG) and directed by BRIAN CRANO, the cast also includes CHANDLER CANTERBURY, REBECCA HALL, CARRIE PRESTON, TODD LOUISO, AMANDA SEYFRIED and GABRIEL MACHT.
Both RITTER and HALL share a show-biz lineage that could intimidate other actors. He’s the grandson of legenday country-western performer TEX RITTER and the son of iconic comic actor JOHN RITTER. She’s the daughter of director PETER HALL and opera singer MARIA EWING. We spoke with RITTER about his work in the film and asked if he and HALL ever compared notes on being the offspring of celebrity icons. (CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
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A BAG OF HAMMERS is available via VOD now


FEROCIOUS PLANET -- Syfy Original Movie -- Pictured: (left) Joe Flanigan -- Photo by: Bernard Walsh/Syfy

FEROCIOUS PLANET -- Syfy Original Movie -- Pictured: (left) Joe Flanigan -- Photo by: Bernard Walsh/Syfy

Joe Flanigan is starring as a disgraced Marine colonel, who winds up guarding a science lab in the SyFy thriller, Ferocious Planet. Naturally, an experiment goes horribly wrong and tosses the lab into a parallel dimension.

“Of course there are monsters,” Flanigan tells us, “that’s the operative word…there are monsters.”

Fighting make-believe monsters can truly be a challenge, Flanigan explains with a laugh.

“You’re only told or occasionally given a drawing of what it will be like so you’re hoping that your acting is somehow calibrated to what the visual effects are going to be,” he begins. “And sometimes you don’t get it right. That’s why in science fiction you see this kind of discrepancy between what happens and the reaction of actors.”

His trick to making it appear realistic is simple.

“Yeah, I learned that as long as you scream, ‘I’m going to die! I’m going to die!’ it works in every show,” Flanigan deadpans.

Actually, Flanigan is an adventurer who mountain bikes, mountain climbs, surfs and more. In fact, the actor has been nursing an injury from one of his many outings.

“Right now, I’m currently a beat up adventurer,” he says. “I separated my shoulder in a mountain biking accident. I was coming down a single track trail at a furious speed – I just got brand new handle bars that were extra long – they snagged a branch and they just kind of threw me over and I landed on my back. I actually feel pretty damn lucky that it’s just an AC separation and not something more serious.”

Right, well apparently you can’t keep a good adventurer down. Flanigan is in Aspen, still thrill-seeking despite his injuries.

“I’m still skiing and snowboarding,” he confesses. “It’s about constant motion. I think I’m afraid of not being in a state of constant motion. My shoulder was immobilized for two weeks and I go back for surgery in another two weeks, so I thought I’d get the maximum adventure in before I got immobilized again – and I will be immobilized for quite a while.”

Crazy? No ways, Flanigan tells HollywoodOutbreak.com.

“I thought to myself, ‘I can’t hurt my shoulder any worse than it is – all the ligaments are separated – so what the hell…I’ll just go snowboarding and skiing. It hurts if you fall and I have yet to fall. So, when I do fall I’ll call you screaming…I could be screaming I’m going to die! I’m going to die!”

Ferocious Planet – the latest entry into the fun SyFy original movies – airs tonight, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.


"The Doctors" Photo, pictured left to right:  Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Jim Sears, Brooke Milam, Kayla Martell, Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Travis Stork.

"The Doctors" Photo, pictured left to right: Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Jim Sears, Brooke Milam, Kayla Martell, Dr. Lisa Masterson and Dr. Travis Stork.

The Doctors reveals colorectal cancer dangers with guest Katie Couric, who, as the spokeswoman for colon cancer awareness, delivers an impassioned plea about the importance of undergoing a colonoscopy.

“I think Jay (Monahan, Couric‘s husband who died in 1998 from colon cancer) got so ripped off not seeing his daughters grow up and blossom into these fine young women, and, of course, they got ripped off, as I did, because we miss him every day,” Couric says.

“So you know, it doesn’t have to happen.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  I don’t want people to be diagnosed with this disease in an advanced stage and say ‘if only…if only I’ve gotten screened.’  So keep that from happening.  Get screened and as I said, do it for yourself and do it for the people you love.”


O.J. Simpson 21 years ago

O.J. Simpson 21 years ago

O.J. Simpson was reportedly beaten so severely in the Lovelock Correctional Center rec yard that he spent three weeks in the prison hospital.

The National Enquirer says that a snitch tells them the attack left Simpson in severe melancholy where he won’t go outside of his jail cell.

The story was buried by prison officials until (according to the Enquirer) they uncovered it.

Simpson is at the Nevada facility for a nine (or more) year sentence from his bizarre armed caper with a Vegas memorabilia dealer nearly four years ago.

According to the Enquirer‘s other sources, the fight had to do with Simpson‘s female conquest bragging and the rage of some race supremacists.

More of the interview from the newsstand National Enquirer and at www.nationalenquirer.com.