One Time, At Band Camp, Nicholas Galatzine Got An ‘Idea’ Of Boy Band Stardom

Nicholas Galitzine as ‘Hayes Campbell’ stars in THE IDEA OF YOU Credit: Alisha Wetherill/Prime Copyright: © 2022 Amazon Content Services LLC

There have been a few boy band singers who have made the jump into acting, like Justin Timberlake and Harry Styles. And they probably would have understood the lead character in The Idea of You pretty well — maybe too well. But the role of the leader of a boy band in the film went to Nicholas Galitzine. To prepare for the film, Galitzine says he felt like he went through boy band bootcamp, in terms of learning all the choreographed dance moves and bonding with his bandmates. (Click on the media bar below to hear Nicholas Galatzine)

The Idea of You is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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