‘The Mole’ Season 2 Is Back On Netflix

The Mole. Episode 201 of The Mole. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Get ready for more deception and drama as Netflix’s reality competition The Mole returns for its second season. This summer, twelve players will face a series of challenges, all while trying to identify the secret saboteur among them – the Mole.

The official trailer promises a season filled with tension and mistrust. Players will be forced to question everything as they work together to win money while trying to uncover the identity of the Mole. The trailer hints at alliances forming and breaking, as well as nail-biting missions that will test the players’ skills and loyalty.

Mark your calendars for June 28th, when the three-week event begins! New episodes will be released through July 12th, giving you plenty of chances to play detective and try to outsmart the Mole.

Who will be the master manipulator this season? Can the players overcome the Mole’s sabotage and claim the prize? Join the fun and watch The Mole season 2, only on Netflix!

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