‘MoviePass, MovieCrash’: The Rise and Fall Of A Movie Lover’s Dream (Gone Spectacularly Wrong)

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO

Get ready to watch the wildest movie industry saga since The Disaster Artist! HBO’s new documentary, MoviePass, MovieCrash, premiering May 29th, dives deep into the spectacular rise and fall of MoviePass – that beloved (and then not-so-beloved) movie subscription service.

Recall those wonderful times when cinema tickets were inexpensive and available in excess. Yeah, unfortunately, the dream suddenly became a nightmare. This documentary provides us with an inside look at how MoviePass went from being a hero to a zero in a matter of years as a result of a poisonous combination of corporate avarice, dubious business dealings, and wasteful spending.

This documentary is a must-see, regardless of interest level. It offers an insightful look at the darker sides of the film industry in addition to telling a gripping story of ambition gone wrong.

Put May 29th on your calendars and get ready for another exhilarating MoviePass journey. 

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