Edward James Olmos On The Enduring Power Of ‘Stand And Deliver’

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⁤In the iconic inspirational movies of the 1980s, Stand and Deliver stands tall, a testament to the power of education and dedication. ⁤⁤Released in 1988, this biographical drama tells the remarkable story of Jaime Escalante, a passionate high school teacher who defied the odds and taught his struggling students calculus, igniting a love for learning and a sense of purpose. ⁤⁤

With a talented ensemble cast led by Lou Diamond Phillips and Edward James Olmos, the film is a masterclass in inspiration, earning Olmos an Academy Award nomination for his riveting portrayal of Escalante. ⁤

⁤Decades later, the film’s impact still resonates, with Edward James Olmos revealed at a GalaxyCon Richmond 2024 Panel that it has become a go-to teaching tool for educators worldwide. (Click the media bar below to hear Edward James Olmos)


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