William Shatner’s Regret: Exploring ‘Star Trek V’

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Released back in 1989, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier generated a lot of anticipation, especially among Star Trek fans. The previous Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was a hit with critics and audiences alike, even those who weren’t Star Trek fans. When Star Trek V landed in theaters in 1989 with a ton of buzz, the reception was harsh – critics panned it, and fans felt let down.

William Shatner, who pulled triple duty as director, co-writer of the story, and star, defended the movie at first. During the release of the last Star Trek film featuring the original crew, Star Trek VI, he told us during an interview that he focused on the few positive reviews the film got. (Click on the media bar below to hear William Shatner)

But in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shatner’s views shifted. He admitted deep disappointment with the film, saying, “I failed… horribly,” and calling it his biggest career regret. He confessed to feeling in over his head, which led to too many compromises.

Was Shatner’s initial defense justified, or has time revealed Star Trek V to be a genuinely weak link in the franchise?



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