Peter Gallagher Knew ‘The O.C.’ Would Be Hot Property

Thanks to streaming, The O.C. continues to find new audiences, two decades after its initial premiere. The show, which aired for four seasons during its broadcast run, wasn’t just a hit — it was a cultural phenomenon. Peter Gallagher, who was first-billed in the show’s ensemble cast, played a public defender who, after representing a troubled teen, petitioned to become his guardian. When he brought the teen (played by Benjamin McKenzie) into his upper-class community, that set up the culture clash conflicts that helped define the show. When The O.C. premiered in 2003, Gallagher told us that, from the start, he believed the show was truly something special. (Click on the media bar below to hear Peter Gallagher)


The O.C. is currently streaming on Hulu.

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