‘Tron’s’ Shelf Life Still Surprises Bruce Boxleitner

Considering it was released at a time when 8-bit video games were the industry standard, Tron was certainly a film that was ahead of its time. Though its $50 million gross made it a box office disappointment at the time, the film has grown over time and achieved cult classic status, spawning one sequel (2010’s Tron: Legacy), a TV show, and talk of another sequel in the works. When he made the original movie, Bruce Boxleitner was a 31-year-old actor with mostly television roles to his credit, so he was happy to be making a movie for Disney, but he never imagined that the film would still be a hit and a topic of discussion more than 40 years later.(Click on the media bar below to hear Bruce Boxleitner)


Tron is currently streaming on Disney+ and available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and most digital platforms.

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