‘Tank Girl’ May Have Tanked, But It Was Great For Lori Petty

When it came to its box office performance, Tank Girl was definitely a disappointment. The 1995 sci-fi action film, based on a British comic book, pulled in only $4 million domestically and $2 million overseas, a far cry from matching the film’s $25 million budget. However, the film’s been reassessed as being ahead of its time, and now it’s developed a sizeable cult following, based in part upon the movie’s decidedly feminist themes. Tank Girl starred Lori Petty in the title role, and the shoot was a particularly memorable one for her, even though it definitely wasn’t easy. In fact, at the time of the movie’s release, Petty said it was easily the most difficult thing she’d done.(Click on the media bar below to hear Lori Petty)


Tank Girl is currently streaming on Pluto TV and available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and most digital platforms.

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