Pre-MCU, Ang Lee Had His Own Ideas About ‘Hulk’

Well before the Marvel Cinematic Universe got started, there was Hulk, the 2003 film that brought the Marvel character to the big screen for the very first time. Without an MCU saga to constrain him, director Ang Lee pushed the envelope and took plenty of chances. While his approach got mixed reviews from critics, it also seemed to puzzle some viewers — after a big box-office debut, its earnings fell an unprecedented 70% in its second weekend. In the years since then, the film has gotten a critical reappraisal and taken on a new life as a pre-MCU cult classic. When the movie opened, Lee talked to us about wanting to infuse the film with a style that would set it apart from other comic book adaptations, but also feeling very nervous and excited about what the result might be. (Click on the media bar below to hear Ang Lee)


Hulk is currently streaming on Hulu and available on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K, and most digital platforms.

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