Jim Carrey Was A Bit Nervous Making ‘The Truman Show’

In the 1990’s, Jim Carrey was one of the biggest comedy stars in the world, starring in several hit blockbuster comedies including The Mask, two Ace Ventura films, Liar Liar and Dumb and Dumber. But Carrey wanted to do something much different than he had ever done. In 1998, he took on a dramatic role in the critically acclaimed drama, The Truman Show.  The film earned three Academy Award nominations along with many other accolades.

The Truman Show was a sharp turn for Carrey, in which he played a man who didn’t know that his entire life was actually a reality show being shown all over the world. The film was directed by Oscar nominated director Peter Weir, whose previously directed films, including WitnessThe Year of Living Dangerously and Green Card, were well received from critics and fans alike.

Carrey loved the challenging role and working with Weir, which he knew he would enjoy and be pushed in a way he had not yet experienced in his career. (Click on the media bar below to hear Jim Carrey)


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