Robert De Niro Enjoys A Little Funny Business

Robert De Niro as Salvo in About My Father. Photo Credit: Dan Anderson

When you think about Robert De Niro, you think about Taxi Driver. You think about The Deer Hunter. You think about The Godfather Part II. You think about Raging Bull. In other words, when you think about Robert De Niro, you think about intense roles in intense dramas. But then, there’s the De Niro who appeared in Meet the Parents, Analyze This, and Wag the Dog. Yes, over the years, De Niro has proven himself to be quite the comedic actor, even though he’s made far more drama movies than comedies. Now he’s starring in a new comedy, About My Father, and he says he enjoys the occasional trip into the genre as a change of pace. (Click on the media bar below to hear Robert De Niro)

About My Father is now playing in theaters.

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