Raymond Lee: ‘Quantum Leap’ Is Never The Same Thing Twice

QUANTUM LEAP — — Pictured: Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Song — (Photo by: Serguei Bachlakov/NBC)

The new episodes of Quantum Leap that premiere on NBC next week aren’t being billed as a reboot, because the show’s original leaper — Dr. Samuel Beckett — is still part of the new show’s universe, even if Scott Bakula hasn’t committed to any appearances on the show yet. Instead, it’s more of a sequel, in which a new scientist starts up Beckett’s particle accelerator in an attempt to figure out what happened to him. Instead, though, the new doctor winds up facing the same fate as Beckett, leaping from person to person in each new episode. Raymond Lee, who plays the new “leaper,” told us the different kinds of stories the show will tackle are what will make the show so fun and interesting to watch. (Click on the media bar below to hear Raymond Lee)


Quantum Leap premieres next Monday (9/19) on NBC, and episodes will start streaming the following day on Peacock.

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