Sam Raimi: When They Worked Together, Sharon Stone Was Outrageously … Helpful

Over the course of her career, Sharon Stone has been one of Hollywood’s most enigmatic characters, and most of the people who’ve worked with her have plenty of interesting stories to tell. When Sam Raimi saw Stone in Basic Instinct, it was love at first sight, and he cast her as the lead in his 1995 Western, The Quick and the Dead. (Her co-stars were Oscar winner Gene Hackman and a pair of future Oscar winners, Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio.) When they started working together, Raimi had heard some of the Stone stories. But, at the time of the film’s release, Raimi told us the lasting impression Stone made on him was that of a very smart, instinctive collaborator. (Click on the media bar below to hear Sam Raimi)

 The Quick and the Dead is currently streaming on Paramount+ and available on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K, and most digital platforms.

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