Peter Falk’s Iconic ‘Columbo’ Loos Was Organic & Homegrown

There’s been a meme making the rounds on social media recently that shows a classic TV image: Peter Falk as Lt. Frank Columbo in his famous beige raincoat. If you saw it and thought the reference might be lost on a younger generation, since Columbo’s initial run began more than 50 years ago, you’d probably be wrong. Thanks to streaming, the detective show has been finding a new generation of viewers. While Hollywood often spends big bucks on wardrobes for TV characters, Columbo’s iconic look didn’t cost the studio a thing — as the late Falk once told us, the perfect look for the character came straight out of his own closet. (Click on the media bar below to hear Peter Falk)

 Columbo is currently streaming on both Amazon Freevee and Peacock.

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