You Never Saw The ‘Knight Rider’ Rides David Hasselhoff Enjoyed The Most

Next month, the classic TV show Knight Rider celebrates its 40th birthday, and it does so with a legacy that few would have expected from a show about a guy with a talking car. While the idea might have seemed campy and more than a bit gimmicky — it essentially took the “tech-assisted” concept from The Six Million Dollar Man and applied it to a car — star David Hasselhoff and the production team nevertheless turned Knight Rider into a crowd-pleasing show that ran for four seasons. Speaking at a panel at For the Love of Sci-Fi, Hasselhoff said the impact of Knight Rider (and especially the KITT car) was felt well beyond people’s living rooms, as his favorite memories of the show came from KITT rides that were never seen on TV. (Click on the media bar below to hear David Hasselhoff)


Knight Rider is currently streaming on Netflix.

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