Barry Williams Breaks Down The ‘Brady Bunch’s’ Appeal

As long as he lives — and probably then some — Barry Williams’s name will be synonymous with just one thing: The Brady Bunch. While the show’s network run ended more than 48 years ago, the show has never disappeared from the public’s consciousness. There have been spin-offs, specials, TV movies, theatrical films, and now, in the digital age, Williams and co-star Christopher Knight host a weekly podcast about the show called The Real Brady Bros. When we had the opportunity to speak to Williams about the astounding (and outstanding) longevity of The Brady Bunch’s popularity, he told us that — well, most of the time — the TV family seemed like a real family, going through situations that most ordinary families (and especially kids) could relate to. (Click on the media bar below to hear Barry Williams)


The Brady Bunch is currently streaming on Paramount+ and airing on MeTV. The Real Brady Bros podcast can be found on Apple iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services.

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