Matthew Vaughn: ‘The King’s Man’ Wasn’t (Originally) Supposed To Exist

(L to R) Director Matthew Vaughn, Robert Aramayo, and Ralph Fiennes (The Duke of Oxford) on the set of Twentieth Century Fox’s “The King’s Man”.

So far, Matthew Vaughn has been the primary creative force behind the Kingsman franchise, having directed and co-written all of the movies in the series so far, including the new prequel The King’s Man  and the in-production sequel Kingsman: The Blue Blood, which is expected to open in 2023. Vaughn’s original plan was to dive directly into The Blue Blood after the second film, and he hadn’t even been thinking about a prequel. So how did we wind up with The King’s Man? Vaughn explained to us how the film came to be. (Click on the media bar below to hear Matthew Vaughn)

The King’s Man is now playing in theaters.

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