‘Total Recall’ Recall, As Schwarzenegger Looks Back At A Favorite Role

By the year 1990, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting career was in full swing. Although the blockbuster breakthrough of Terminator 2 was still a year away, Schwarzenneger had starred in a respectable string of successful films, including  Commando, Predator, and the comedy Twins. Expectations were high for the new film he was making, a futuristic sci-fi film called Total Recall, based on a short story by renowned sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, and the film delivered, earning a lot of praise, an Oscar for its special effects, and more than a quarter of a billion dollars in worldwide box office receipts. Three decades later, the film stands as one of Schwarzenegger’s most heralded works and is widely viewed as a sci-fi classic. At the time of the film’s release, Schwarzenegger told us he believed it was a special movie, and he was really intrigued by the challenge of playing his character, who had two separate realities. (Click on the media bar below to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger)


Total Recall is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K, and most digital platforms.

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