‘Seinfeld’ Joins Netflix, And Jerry Seinfeld’s Still Proud Of The Show

Quick! Give us a seven-letter word, starting with the letter “N,” that comes to mind when you think ofi. While the most common answer up until now would have been “nothing,” that might just be changing to “Netflix,” now that the streamer has picked up all nine seasons and 180 episodes of the classic comedy series. While the show premiered in July 1989 to little acclaim (and even fewer viewers), it grew into a powerhouse, with its ratings still on the rise even in its final season. And now, 24 years after it signed off the air, you’ll still hear lines and catchphrases from the show repeated in everyday conversation — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Jerry Seinfeld himself has a hard time believing the show has made a lasting impact on pop culture, but what he does believe is that the show still stands up as quality entertainment. (Click on the media bar to hear Jerry Seinfeld)

Seinfeld is now streaming on Netflix.

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