Ashley Zukerman’s Unexpected Advice On Playing ‘Lost Symbol’s’ Robert Langdon

Pictured: (l-r) Sumalee Montano as Agent Sato, Ashley Zukerman as Robert Langdon, Rick Gonzalez as Nunez — (Photo by: Rafy/Peacock)

Like so many other fans, Ashley Zukerman was familiar with the Robert Langdon character from the Dan Brown novels, as well as the movies based on those novels. Now, Zukerman’s getting to play the character on the new series The Lost Symbol. And while the previous source material came in handy as he was preparing to play the role, Zukerman told us the most illuminating piece of advice came to him unexpectedly … from the character’s creator. (Click on the media bar below to hear Ashley Zukerman)

  The Lost Symbol is currently streaming on Peacock.

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