‘Inception’ Had Leonardo DiCaprio’s Mind In A Spin

As the recipient of six Oscar nominations (including a win for The Revenant), you would think Leonardo DiCaprio would feel pretty confident about his abilities. Most of the time, he does. He does his research and goes into most of his roles feeling like he’s got a pretty good handle on what he’s doing. But then, there was Inception. As with many of Christopher Nolan’s movies, there are plenty of twists, turns, and things that remain unknown throughout the film, right up to the ending that literally teeters on uncertainty. Just like many of the people who watched the film, DiCaprio found himself caught off balance by Inception, and he admitted to us that making a movie like that definitely had him feeling pretty nervous. (Click on the media bar below to heart Leonardo DiCaprio)

Inception is currently streaming on HBO Max and is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K UHD, and most digital platforms.

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